Nailpeeps are catpeeps, right?

This blog arose from the ashes.... well no, not really. This blog got started in grief. Knee deep, over and out. 2 days before I started it, I had to say goodbye to two companions that I had by my side for more than 10 years. The older cat (approximately 17 years old) had been ill for a long time and the younger, the 14 year old black devil, was starting to show the same signs but at a more rapid pace. As they had been sidekicks for a good 12 years, I decided they went together. Leaving one just to deteriorate while missing her friend, just to have to be put to sleep a few months later didn't seem all that human. Left all alone with mad as a hatter-dog Roky was the newbie Sigrid and a few days ago, she finally got a sidekick of her own, Vera. I must admit I cried my eyes out before picking her up - was I really over the other two? Was it right to get a new cat so soon? But then again, is 9 months really to be considered soon? I guess it goes to show how important those two cats were to me.

The polish in the picture arrived that very same day and she, yes that tiny little mitten, thought it was a plaything for her. Guess she's found the perfect household to make her kingdom? The polish in question is LA Girls' Rock star in a glitterpacked color with the very fitting name Overdose. I guess Vera likes glitter?


Dealing polish

A month ago, I fell in love. For so many years, all throughout my pre-teens and teens, french blue which is also called royal blue, was my favorite color. A nailpolish that color and my favorite finish, jelly, add to that was just to good to be true.
The sweet kitten, sorry, fierce feline, that is Alizarine claws, she bought it for me and just in time for Christmas, I got that and 3 other beauties.
I have yet to try the majority of them out, but I applied Sinful Colors' San fransisco on my nails a few days ago and it's holding up too darn good to be removed. I never was a green type of girl, but I think it is starting to grow on me (no pun). It is something about the Sinful colors' bottles that makes the polish look perfect. Almost better than they do on the nail. This particular polish looks a lot darker in the bottle than on the nail, it's rather sheer, and reminds me a lot of that warm -toned pinetree-colored paint a lot of classic (muscle)cars have.

The other green in the photo above, Edie from Color club is more turquoise than green, but has actually been a lemming of mine. Number three in the tree is Color club's Youthquake.

Now my next concern is; what do you send the polish-girl that has it all and then some? Get her addicted to lipgloss?

If it glitters...

..it is gold! The golden polish might not be 24 karat but that's what it's called. It's from Pieces, a brand that mostly carries accessories, and it was a streaky mess, but also quite inexpensice (ie dirt-cheap). On top, the beloved Party hearty from China glaze. And yup, this was before clean-up
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Every gal needs a magic wand, right?

Yet another win from the NYX-giveaway and another item I have an issue with; the applicator. I have always felt that the tip, or the brush, is rather unhygenic, so I never buy lipglosses with this type of applicator. I guess that's a reason I used to love Lancome's Juicy tubes.
But now I have this NYX lipgloss, Crystal soda, and it's rather cute in it's peachy glitter smelling like Dr Pepper, so I would like to use it. That is if I can get past my aversion for the lipgloss-wand. Please tell me I am not alone in this?

Pretty pencil

My nails have been in a poor condition lately so there's nothing to show there but I will show you my favorite companion. Atleast lately, it has been. Over the top by Essie, an old one that proves that Essie still has it when it needs to. A nice graphite, the nicest of them all. It's a shimmer but the shimmer is subtle and doesn't make a messy application where you'll know exactly how and where the brush has been. It's so nice I'm getting a 2nd one for later.

Like a virgin

I won a giveaway recently that I entered mostly because it was something I have never used and never thought of using. Just thinking about this item makes me realize why I love nailpolish so much : it's easy, lasts for days and it won't smudge in the rain or fall off if you're having too much of a good time.
It's nothing like a perfect red lipstick....that will end up all over your partner's face if you fancy a snogging. Nailpolish, it's the direct opposite of fake eyelashes.
Now I have these. They are mine. To be used when I pick up the kid at daycare? Working on a paper on sense of coherence? Or maybe when I am out and about, and to be forever lost in a drink?
When do you wear these types of things?

Lemme give you some money

While I may not be the most active blogger at the moment (a bit underwhelmed by my nails and face at the moment), I read a lot of blogs. I may be a bit underwhelmed by bloggers en masse as well, but there are some blogs that just make logging in worth while. A "Nice post" doesn't do much and regularly commenting might do some more, but I think Flattr would do the most. A lot of blogs I read and in particular polish-blogs aren't part of a clique and they don't get send a lot of items for reviews. Most of the blogs I read, the people buy their own stash and they blog because they like to do it. It's a hobby.

That's where I think Flattr would come in handy. I'd like to leave something in the tip-jar when I read an excellent post by a blogger that isn't swamped by freebies or ads. I would really like it if you had a tip-jar. Flattr is sort of a tip-jar. It requires that you're activated and you wouldn't mind tipping yourself, but most importantly, it means I could tip.

Please sign up so that I can have a chance to show you that you're writing some great stuff!

This is what it would look like on a Flattr-post but don't Flattr this because it's nothing to Flattr. Start using it instead!

Flattr this

A hand model she will never be!

What do you get if you take one bitter old mom trying to create the girly-girliest party ever? It was pink, pink, silver, oh the tiaras! pink glitter, some purple and hey, it's 1 am!
You get a mom that gets so fed off with all that princess-shite that she turns herself into the wicked witch from the North. Atleast as far as the nail went. A witch I already am. China Glaze's L8R G8R and MNY's black 677. The latter was a thick mess that sort of ruined the manicure, but hey, if you're a wicked witch and it's 1 am, who gives a damn?

In the next few days, I might add some Party hearty by China Glaze to make it a little less in your face.


The nails

There's been a post everybody's been doing lately and you could call it scare-tactics ; don't go without basecoat / don't ever start using polish / get acrylics, but whatever you may call it, it still has some odd appeal. If your nails are covered by an opaque medium 99% of the time, seeing them without feels almost perverted. Pure nudity, bareing it all.
Here's my nudity that's the direct opposite to porn;
I rarely wear basecoat, my cuticles don't ever get any TLC, the nails are thorn and this was taken after having been cleaning the flat - it dosn't get any worse.

You know you want to

I don't know how much you are all into the Christmas spirit-thing or if it's just about trying to avoid being dragged into a Secret Santa-exchange, but a lot of beautybloggers have giveaways this season. All in the name of giving. Most of the time you don't have to believe in poor baby Jebus, you don't have to decorate your home all like Rachel Ray does or even own a single Christmas sweater to enter.
I know a lot of bloggers are doing this, but the two I am keeping my eye on are the Lipgloss-girls:

Today they both have items I not just wouldn't mind, but would probably give an eye or a thumb for:
the swedish Lipgloss have a NYX-themed giveaway while the british Lipgloss have a Sleek-themed giveaway. You know you want to enter, don't you? Click on the images.


Don't be fooled by the pricetag

I know that a lot of polishoholics think that the MNY range of nailpolish isn't worth a dime. I know that even more makeupbloggers think that MNY as a whole is cheap crap that should solely be thrown to the fashion-hungry pre-teens. However, I like their nailpolish. It might not be the best product on the market, but competing in the true budget-range, it comes out a winner.
What I expect from a good polish is that it's color accurate (bottle vs layers on nail), easy to work with (rather thin than thick and lumpy), won't get matted down in no time and won't chip just because you waved like Paris.

While the color-range at MNY might not be all that exciting, it certainly has a couple of tricks up it's sleeve. 2 of those are seen above accompanied by 3 Hello Kitty glitters (the foil is the winner of the 3) and the magnificent MPJ by OPI.
Left to right:
  • MPJ by OPI.
  • 669 by MNY
  • 445 by MNY (nr 2 from the left)
  • Silver Kitty by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Queen by Hello Kitty @ HM
  • Kitty Princess by Hello Kitty @ HM
All 2 layers though some might have needed 3.

So, what am I saying? Not much other than don't be fooled by the pricetags. Beauties come in all price-ranges.

New friends on the block

While I understand why MNY wants to arrange, market, sell their makeup and nailpolish by color, it just doesn't work for me. Put 6 pink colors together and I won't even look at any of them. The same goes for the browns, the greens, well most of them.
However, if you mix them all up and let them clash and bring out the hues in the other colors, I want them all! 40 polishes in a mixingbowl might look cheap compared to a fancy display, but in the end, I'll buy more than I would if you had it arranged according to the rainbow.

It's like books - the library won't keep all the books on teens that lost their virginity on prom-night in one section and stories on workoholics getting hooked on after-work's beer and beer-nuts in another.
But then again, they do keep the chick-lit in a specific section. Maybe MNY is targeting the same audience - the ones that want the choice already made?

The polishes above are all MNY. I had a hard choice making my decision though as the MNY displays don't ring my bell. At all. While the illustrations are cute in a Nylon type of way, the arrangement of colors makes me think of crayons at a daycare center.

My hair has got needs!

My hair's curly and dyed, re-dyed and dyed some more. I say hair, you say brittle. Add some hairspray and you'd have cottoncandy.That's how bad it is.
While I love my conditioner, American cream from Lush, it doesn't do what it has to do during the winter. It just doesn't. My hair looks lik a bird's nest.

So I am looking for good hair treatments, hot-oils, masques, etc and the more natural, the better. No silicones and such. I save the scary chemicals for the nails and my nails only. That's one obsession where it's hard to go natural, but the hair? Shouldn't be that hard. An important issue is that what I use for my hair, my 4-year old daughter wants to use, so I want it a bit safer than your regular haircare.

I tried the Macadamian hair oil and while did something (not much), it was not very natural (despite it's description) and it was rather expensive. If I am going to pay that much to have nice hair, I want to buy a product that won't take a crap on the environment. I want something my kid can use herself without me thinking the WHO will be knocking on the door, telling me I am doing harm to my kid.

So any and all advice - what do you use? What have you been hearing good things about?

3 from 1, part 2

Yet again, I'm late on this, but better now than never as this time it's about nailpolish! Varnish, lacquer, nagellack, whatever you call it, that's this weeks theme.
What's your favorite cremes? Unfortunately, I'm not a creme person. It's just not my favorite finish. I like a couple, have a bunch but I mostly use them for layering unless it's a polish that really stands out. I tend to get tired off a creme a lot faster than off a jelly or a glitter. However, these are my 3 favorites :
  • Orly's Mandalay Ruby (Is this creme or jelly? Nobody seems to know)
  • Sinful Color's Dream on
  • China Glaze's Grape pop
However, looking at the other bloggers' posts (especially Sminkan's) I realize that I need to get more green and petrol cremes. A good limegreen creme and a peagreen creme would be idea.

Nice polish, not so nice photos

I know I dissed Seche Vite earlier this month. I just couldn't get it to work. Or rather, I couldn't get it to make my manicures more durable. I asked for advice and I got some; don't paint it on, flood the nail!

The advice worked wonders and my Ingrid lasted 7 days.
On day 7, it chipped and I did what we all do, I added a layer of glitter. In this case a layer of Zombie zest which made it a military green with a golden shine.
I know the photos are both rather crappy but the weather hasn't been co-operating with me lately. And, to be honest, I haven't really been in the blogging mode. Too much of everything right now.

More Kitty Kitty

They're all glitter and the silver-polish looks like you're playing around with liquid metal. Or hey, led soldiers! My un-educated guess that this is a good foil for those of you that want to live on the cheap side of life.
I just couldn't help myself, 19.50 sek/ $2.80 á piece.

3 from 1, part I

Swedish makeup- and beautyblogger Helena asked her readers and fellow bloggers what their favorite 3 items to use in the shower is. This is my answer:
A: The oatmeal from Lush that is also known as Curly wurly.
While it is not something I would recommend to those that have dyed their hair and would like to maintain that color, I would recommend it to everybody else. My kid loves it and I love it even though it drains all color in no time. Permanent haircolor is no challenge for Curly wurly.
It might be darn expensive and somewhat hard to rinse (shredded coconut in curly wet hair? It takes time!) but it's the first schampoo I've ever tried that doesn't make my scalp itch or makes the hair feel dry and frizzy. A good haircolor is easier to find than a good schampoo so I am sticking with this one.

B: A nice kitchen-towel. The older and the more worn, the better. Thread-bare - even the better. I rarely use scrubs or peeling, I use a towel. Seems eco-friendlier and doesn't have the goopy, gluey feeling to it that most scrubs have. Use once, throw it in the washer. Repeat.

C: This is a tie between Snow Fairy from Lush, a lovely bodyshower that smells like those candy-hearts with words on them, or a proper foot-file. While the latter sounds odd that's something I've learnt the hard way through working in restaurants - you need to take good care of your feet. Daily good care. When your legs start to ache after a long day, it's usually the feet that needs some intensive care.
Rather than to use a foot-scrape or other tools that looks like they could be considered weapons, use a foot-file more often. Your whole body will thank you.


2nd try with Seche Vite and it still chips faster than without Seche. What am I doing wrong? Basecoat this time was Orly's Bonder. Then 2 coats of China Glaze's Classic camel and on top of that, one coat of Seche Vite. Chipped within 24 hours.

As far as Classic camel goes - it looks lovely in the bottle. Looks like something out of a diaper when you try to paint it on your nails. A thick mess. Could cover in one coat if you're good with a brush. As I am not, I had to do two. Doesn't look as amazing on my nails as in the bottle but paired up with China Glaze's Ingrid, I think it will make an excellent coffee-inspired manicure. Ingrid being the half-moon on top of Classic camel - sounds good enough.

The nails in the picture above look a bit duller than in real life. The golden shimmer in Classic camel brings out the red undertones in your skin and when you try to take a neutral photo, the polish ends up looking flat. It's not. It's shimmery. Think a latte with the fat (from the milk) glistening. Not so much camel as a latte, I'd say.

She's pale as the background on Facebook

My skin has the same color as sour milk. Not sourcream, but sour milk, white with blue undertones and some yellow tint. I can never find the perfect foundation but the closest to a good one is Rose ivory by L'oréal's True Match. It's a little on the pink side though, so last time I went with Max Factor's Xperience Weightless foundation in Light ivory . Unfortunately, while the color seems a better match, the foundation slides off my face. Either it's way too greasy or it clashes with my daycream, which is Triple active by L'oréal. As winter's approaching and I'll have to move on to my skin-oil (Stem, how I love thee), I'm guessing I'm heading for disaster foundation-wise: landslide!
So when Lipgloss Bitch announced she has a foundation-giveaway with a brand that's known to have foundation for the überpale geekgirls, I was all ears. Have anybody heard about this brand, Smashit, before? It's new to me.

I am not sure if this giveaway is international or not, but why not give it a go?
Plus, I would still like some info on the brand as well as some good advice on the best foundation for pale kids from you guys. Budget-brands are always preferred  (my wallet's slim but not because of Weightwatchers) but I'd take a perfect match over money left in my pocket. That's just how superficial I am (and honestly, who wants that orange chin-line? I doubt that will ever be considered chic.)

All these choices

A nice butterscotch (Classic camel), a sparkly guacamole (L8R G8R) or maybe some ground cinnamon (Ingrid)? I've been wanting these for a while and now that I've got them, I can't figure out what to put on. Can't choose.

If it looks ancient, it might not be

When I got my Seche Vite, I also got 5 colorful beauties and one of them, I had to try on just then and there. Worn manicure or not. Dry hands and torn cuticles don't matter. The polish is so 70's (baked peppers, stuffed tomatoes and all that) that I just had to get it. Next time, it's going over a brown creme.
Do you know what polish I'm talking about?

It's my first time - be gentle

I know that to come nailpolish-conaisseurs, polish is nothing without proper basecoat and most importantly, topcoat. I rarely use basecoat and I have never ever used a topcoat. I wouldn't mind something that makes my polish dries faster and stay on longer, but so far, topcoat has been an expensive affair. All the good ones are expensive and cost more than a polish, which leaves me debating (with myself and my wallet) if I shouldn't just go for color over maintenance?
I always go for color, it's the easy choice. Color is why I love polish, not because I want to keep my nails flawless. I am not really a girl who goes for flawless anyways..
This time though, I went for color and maintenance - it all was on the less expensive side.
Still not as cheap as on Ebay but a lot cheaper than in stores, so I went with it, Nagelglädje at Tradera. 90 sek ($13.80)  for a Seche Vite which usually retails for 120 sek (18.45) in local (as well as online) stores. I know that to you americans, this is still a sum that makes your wallet scream and run for cover, but over here, we're used to it. We get everything a day late and a dollar short pricier.

Now I am just hoping that this little bugger is as good as you all have been saying.

Love is

A good polish. Wasn't supposed to wear polish last week and this week, I just couldn't settle on one so I had none. That was until the sun hit my Orange pacific from China Glaze bottle and I realized it was the perfect Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving -color. A dark orange-red, a deep coral with golden shimmer. Looks edible.
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If it looks edible, buy it

I'm pretty hooked on nail-polish, I admit to that. The 2nd thing on my Gimmegimmegimme-list is something that's not so easy to get my hands on unless I am willing to order over the internet, and that I am not: Lush. The closest store is far far away and I must admit that has probably done wonders for my wallet. Whenever I enter a Lush-store, I go nuts. Sometimes I even go back for a 2nd round of going nuts.

The good thing about going to Stockholm, other than the obvious - getting my back fixed, was that it's a city with a Lush store. Of course, I went crazy and had I been a rich girl, I would have had loads more to carry and probably killed off my back for once and for all. One could say, my lousy financial state saved my back!

I mostly went for old favorites, things I know work wonders like the American cream conditioner and Shimmy shimmy bar but I also decided to give Curly wurly a try as well as the solid perfume Imogen rose.
Doesn't sound like much, does it? But when I came to my senses and realized I had bought schampoo for $22.40 and a bottle of conditioner for $29.95, it just didn't make any sense. I don't go for luxury-items like that, unless it's at Lush. What is it with Lush that makes me spend money I don't have?

Now, don't get me wrong, I adore Lush but there is something odd about my relationsship to that brand that makes me spend that much money on something just because it's natural. A lot of the products aren't better than anything else on the market and some are just vile, but it's natural. We love natural. It's something about the atmosphere and the somewhat naive philosophy surrounding Lush that just makes me go gaga for gogo.
If it was a cult, I'd be the first to sign up.

Foxes on the run

My makeup bag is unexistant; basically just Eyeko's mascara and fatbalm plus different types of eh...bodygrease. My skin is paperthin and chafing like it's it main purpose in life. But yes, of course there's some Zombie zest in there. A girl needs some purchased scruffiness, can't be going for pretty all the time.
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Post surgery

I look like an ogre after having to clean my hair and skin with desinfectant soap, and I feel like one. You don't realize how dependant you've become on skincare, deoderant and make up until you're told it's a bigger no-no than B.O and a nose redder than Rudolph's. Guess who's going to put on more make-up than Dame Edna the minute she gets out of here.
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Another thing I don't get

The cracked nails by BYS had me interested. The cracked/graffiti nails by Isadora didn't. Then Barry M released their version of the cracked nails and suddenly, I'm interested again. One could guess that this strange reaction might have something to do with my aversion to Isadora's mighty big brush? I definitely think it does so to prove myself wrong and write myself off as a bitter tart, I bought a bottle of Graffiti nails by Isadora. At a sale, but still, I purchased it. Color called Masterpiece pink. Put it over Purple pop by China Glaze which had topcoat of HM's Hello Kitty Glitter purple, which together was arather stunning Liberace-style type of manicure.

Now my nails look like varicose veins . That's mighty Halloween, isn't it?
Sure, it dries ultra-fast. An easy way to spice up an old worn manicure when you're too darn lazy to deal with it and you know that glitter isn't what you're looking for
My result was so Eh.. that I didn't even botter with cleaning up - this comes off in the shower in an hour.

Be purple, be yourself

You know it's Wear purple day?
I know all these colors and ribbons confuse a lot of people, for instance October is pink as well as green, but every now and then, there's just that something you know you need to support.This is one of mine. I'm wearing Grape pop by China Glaze (a nice creme that is opaque in one coat) and if it wasn't for this very occasion I wouldn't have noticed that I have far less bottles of purple nailpolish than of any other color. I think I need to scout for some more. Say, what's your favorite purple?

In the picture you see two HM Hello Kitty glitters in purple, Grape pop by China Glaze and in the back, the matte version of Lincoln park after dark by OPI, a purple that is so dark it's almost black.

Do you ever find yourself staring at your bottles?

I've been spending some quality time with My private jet lately. It's one of those polishes that people tend to love or hate, and I've been in neither category. Until now.

I had applied two layers of MNY's 669, a perfect graphite grey, but the application wasn't perfect. Far from it. Instead of starting over, I decided to do some layering. Add some depth. One layer of My private jet made it look nice and the 2nd livened it up good! Took the yellow tint out of the MNY and brought some of the teal from the OPI. The result in itself isn't that interesting but my experience with My own private jet made me revaluate that particular polish. It may chip pretty darn fast but it most definitely brings something new to the party every time. Depending on the weather and the light, it looks completely different. My daughter described as Turd-polish and from a distance, sure. This summer I could only see the teal shine through but as autumn approached with it's specific light, suddenly, it's more pink'ish brown. What will it look like when the winter hits with it's icy blue light?

I am so much of a nerd I think I need to google pictures of this polish just to see what it looks like at your place.


Good friends

I've said it before and I will again - go check out your local MNY-stand. Us europeans aren't that used to getting good nailpolish for cheap, so I for one, jumped and will jump again at the opportunity.
My combo of the raspberry red jelly (holo)glitter on top of the egg yolk creme held on for dear life - 7 days on the nails. No topcoat but Orly bonder as a base.
Below you see them swatched. One coat with a 2nd as a french manicure.

A little purple never hurt nobody

When life gives you lemons, you really wish somebody would make that perfect lemon-yellow jello nailpolish.
When you look like you haven't slept in days, so go with the flow and add some more red and purple.

In the rearviewmirror

I never did snap a good picture of the MNY-polish that got me all dizzy with excitement, #665, so I decided to do that today. Unfortunately, it's cloudy and that polish needs a bit of sun to come to life, but I compared it to Orly's Witches Blue so you could get a hint on where on the colorscale this lands.
MNY's blue is a greyish blue, like good ink. First layer is a lot more grey but the more layer you add, the more the blue comes out. MNY is the one closest to the camera. Both 2 layers on no base and no top.

My guess is tht the MNY #665 is close to another lemming of mine, OPI's Ink. Does anybody know how they compare? Is OPI more purple like Indian Ink?

Care for the necessities?

I rarely try to fix what goes wrong during the day. If it slides, let it slide. Smudges? Ah, never did mind a smokey eye.
I rarely bring makeup with me unless I travel. During the day, I don't do nothing that could be considered maintenance, so concealer, powder and all that stays at home. Don't fix it if it isn't broken and if it is, focus on better things.

Now I don't know if it's you guys that got me thinking I should or if it's maybe, or more likely, my aging that has made me think that I need hourly maintenance, but I finally bought a nice makeup case to come along in my bag. Now I just need to figure out what needs to be in it. Toothpaste, Carmex, concealer and what more? What is it that you all bring with you? I wouldn't mind bringing my polish so we could cuddle and make out, but I wouldn't use it.

The vanity bag is a Sourpuss bought through Bad Reputation. It's Misfits and the very same image that my husband has tattooed on his chest. Keeping it in the family, sort of.

What you need

I was debating whether I'd post this or not. The reason is something as superficial as I don't like how beat I look in the photo. My eyes look dead to the world. The photo in itself is nothing worth posting either.

However, it's the only photo I have of a polish I really think a lot of you will like and maybe even love when you realize how darn cheap it is!
It's my favorite of the MNY nailpolish I bought a while back: Did you ever wish you'd have hair the color of Wonderwoman's? Blackish with a blueish tint? I did. I still do. The nailpolish #665 is that very color. Looks black from afar but when the light hits it directly, it's dark blue. Opaque in one coat, easy to work with. Stays on forever. 29.50:- for 7ml.

The eyes is Eyeko's Magic liner dipped in Face Stockhom's matte eyeshadow Stillness. The makeup is a bit worn, you're catching me on the way home after a day at the libraby.

Below is a picture that Anso snapped. Shows even less of the nails but atleast I don't look sad.

on the run

Rescue beauty lounge's Recycle with Wet n wild's Kaleidoscope on top. Pic taken with my sweet little Android. Decided I wanted to see what a blogpost from my new mobile would look like.
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88 bottles of polish on the...

New month, new post. I'm not dead, nor have I stopped looking for the perfect nailpolish. I know it's out there.
But, there's a but, 3 weeks before my back-surgery, my body decided to give me all it got, and I'm to the point where I thank God for having ultra-short nails or they would have not only dug through flesh, but gotten stuck. So, while I have been made up all pretty like a peek-ture with nails to match, I just haven't had the energy to do anything other than the most important task. Note that I consider putting on makeup and nailpolish two important tasks. I know that some people find that odd and that it shouldn't even be a priority, but it is. Making me look and feel like I have somewhere to go and something to do while I am in reality just sobbing at home, makes life a little easier. I guess we're talking about the outlook on life. Making me look like trash just because I feel like last week's worth isn't going to help.

Now on to the good stuff - what a lot of you guys have been doing lately ; showing your Helmers.
I don't have a Helmer and I am trying to settle on never ending up with one, but seeing as this is the polish I've acquired since April, I should never say never.
88 bottles in all their glory and as you an see, I am no brand-ho.
Along with what was already in my boxes before I started blogging, I have 101 more polishes than I have nails. That's not sane.