Can a green punk use nailpolish?

There are "green" nailpolishes on the market. Userfriendly, non-toxic and safer. Unfortunately, they are hard to find and expensive.
More often than not, the back label of the more well-known brands will say that the product is free from formaldehyde and sometimes even toluene, and it makes us think It's all ok. That's until we apply the polish and inhale...

Yet we do it again and again. Lust over shades, names and brands.
I most definitely do it. The perfect shade and I don't care if it smells like a molotov cocktail, I'm buying it! I buy organic food but just "green" makeup, skincare and nailpolish isn't on my shoppinglist. Sure, I would pick an Orly polish over the generic $3-polish, but that's about it.
I haven't even tried "green" nailpolish. Have you?


jellynat said...

Interesting question!

I do buy simple/clean skin/bodycare due to eczema problems (bio hydrosol, aloe vera gel, bio non-petroleum based face care, olive oil traditional marseille soap, etc). I'd say I'm just the normal girl who try to be careful.

I think there is one brand in France called "Couleur Caramel" that is safe/bio and they make nail polish. It's horribly expensive (8€ for 4ml) and let's be honest: the colors are boring. I think the safest I can be is being very picky about toluene and various old chemicals and reject brands that didn't get rid of them. Otherwise.... I know it's still full of horrible things but nail polish is my chemical guilty pleasure. ;)

schmut said...

About it being a guilty pleasure, I think you have a point there.
Instead of focusing on all that I am not doing, maybe for once, I should be focusing on what I am doing?

I guess when it comes to my nailpolish-addiction, I need all the excuses I can get...hehe

sheena b. said...

nope! never. And I don't do my own nails... I just can't get it right.
I either have way over due nails that need a manicure badly, or a perfect manicure phase. The salons here are mostly Essie & OPI. I stick with their colors. Manicures in NYC dirt cheap!
: )

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