Nice surprise

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway at Nails Etc. 5 polishes from british brands I have never tried before. One of those polishes were a grey from Collection 2000's Hot looks that didn't strike me as anything special. Great name, nice bottle but that was that. I have a lot of grey polishes, mostly, swedish brand Depend, so it wasn't the polish I tried first.

Last night, I felt grey and as I had to suit up for a meeting with the doctor, I decided that Wham! was just what I needed. It was a runny mess and 3 coats still left me somewhat disappointed.
However, this morning when I went outside, there was a NICE surprise:
the grey polish apparently had some blue undertones and matched my foggy blue (faux) leatherjacket perfectly! It's the same shade.

Adn, seeing as I am a sucker for giveaways - you get something brand new you probably never even thought of buying yourself, I have entered myself into another giveaway over at Nailstah, which is a rather new blog focusing on nails and nailpolish. If you want to enter yourself, you have until April the 12th!


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