To prime or not to, that is the question.

This is my everyday-face and that's my everyday companion - Iggy's toys. Scattered around the house but more often than not, the serve as an inspiration. The colors, the clashes, the fun.
The color of the car? I have an eyeshadow that shade and of course, I have not only one but two nailpolishes identical to it. One creme and one with glitter. But, do I wear it all?
No, not as often as I would like. Most of the time I'm stuck in a rut. My Joan Jett-rut with pale face and lot's of black around the eyes.

I need to find some other style-icons. While I love Shrinkle's use of color, I am well aware that it would never last on me. A trip to the dogpark later and I would look like a spit out gummibear.

My (obvious) option would be using a primer, but I feel like that is a waste of money. That it's yet another product the companies have lured us into thinking we need.
Is it?


sheena b. said...

Yes, I meant to ask make-up artist friends of mine, because I'm not even sure what primer is! haha! For now I always powder my lids to make the color stick. Recently I was with 2 make-up artists & they showed me some eye-shadow that cost $1.99 & they recommended that I buy it as it was heavy on pigments? Who knew? I'll ask about primer & get back to ya.

sheena b. said...

I asked. They says it's a waste & that I should continue using powder.

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