And on the 4th day, she removed the polish

I have a confession to make. A bad review to retract and a quick judgement to regret:

OPI's Yes... I Can-Can is not a bad nailpolish.

It's not among the worst I have tried and no, it's not only worth it's buck because of the lovely hue - it's also worthy all of your money because it's one goddamn fine nailpolish!

How so?
As mentioned earlier, I have a 3 year old kid, a 2 year old dog and a mighty fine allotment that requires that my hands get dirty more often than not.
Granted, the OPI polish did chip within a few hours, but then it seemed to get it's act together and did hold up for 3 days of playing fetch, dogwrestling and lego-juggling. That with no base-coat and no top-coat.
That's good enough for some rugby beauty, right?!


Heather / Eyeconic said...

I love OPI for that reason. It takes days and days for it to chip on me, even if I don't use a base or top coat. It's worth the price.

badbomben said...

Nä men hej, en ny(?) rolig gunkblogg, jag länkar! :D Och ja, OPI is the shit.

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