I am all Peg about it

Now, I am not one to look to trends or even know that remembers collections, but on Nihrida's blog I spotted a collection från Essence that's been on my mind since I read the entry.
The keyword in all of this is
I am a sucker for leopard-, zebra- and tigerprint on clothes, bags, shoes and basically anything. I guess what I am saying is that I dig Peg Bundy's fashionsense. Calling her a styleicon might be stretching it but in all honestly, not stretching it all that far.
So, when Essence, which is an affordable brand for those that wants to remain teens 'til they're retired, has a trend-collection called Into the wild (No Emile Hirsch, no Eddie Vedder), I'm all over it. That is mentally. Essence is still not sold in Sweden. I am hoping I can add a yet to that.


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