I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

As the name Rugby beauty implicates, I am not a delicate cutesy-cute girl. I don't use a night-cream nor an eyecream. I have never been at a salon and my hair has been left to do with as I please since I was 12.

If this was Hollywood, somebody would come along, pity me and within 75 minutes, I'd be Cinderella at the ball snogging some has-been like Adam Sandler or Ben Affleck.
Good riddance this isn't Hollywood and I don't need to be rescued!

However, in retrospect, it does seem somewhat odd that I ended up here like this. My stepmother was all about high-end makeup and high-end accessories. The type of woman that didn't just buy the cute LV handbag (real of course) but the whole set that went with it. She had creams for everything and never left the house without her face immaculate.

And, can you imagine, my first makeup-purchase was Lancôme. At 14, I bought Lancômes Liquid eyeliner. I think it was the discontinued Maquiglacé Lumineuse and I still consider it the holy grail of all makeup ever. My makeup was all about Lancôme and I still consider their mascaras to be the best on the market. From there I went on to using Clinique for my skincare and as a teenager, I praised the 3-step skincare line.

My latest purchase was makeup-remover on sale at my local supermarket. Before that, the Preppy pink nailpolish at HM. That's one mighty big step from Lancôme and Clinique.
How did I end up here?


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