It's my party and I cry if I want to

Don't believe the hype is said for a reason.
Most of the time, I take pride in not taking in what's trendy, what's now and what's a so-called must have. But at other times, usually when the hype is about something green, organic or by a small indie-company, I don't just believe the hype, I go shopping!

Below are 3 big reasons why I should never ever listen to when people say that something is perfect, to die for or a must have. Just like that nasty Maybelline mascara in a lovely lime and pink packaging, these are not what they seem.
Scratch nails is a small swedish company that doesn't launch any big extravagant theme collections, but that means they also have a pretty standard selection that doesn't raise any eyebrows. That is, except this polish which I read about everywhere. The name is Green gold and the color makes me think of fairies, green moss and toads. Quite lovely, isn't it?
In the bottle it is. On the nails it's crap-a-roo, a streaky mess that leaves you with a sand-papery finish and nails that makes you look like you've been dead for two months and a half. Plus, it was the smelliest polish I have yet to come across.
The only good thing about this adventure with Green gold is that I bought the bottle on Ebay/Tradera and it cost me next to nothing.

Number 2 on the list has been with me for a while and can't be given away as nobody I know even wants to go near it. It's a temple balm, Flying fox, by the lovely company Lush but as with a lot of other Lush products, it doesn't smell nice, it's just smelly. This fragrance is so strong it's migraine-inducing and has made a bit weary of Lush's products as this is not the first time I've come across products that are just over the top and then some.

Number 3 had the organic allure. That and being a body butter. I like the idea of it being called butter. Indulgence and extravagance. Bathing in milk and telling the poor they should eat cake if they're out of bread.
It's Southern Belle body butter.
However, my butter came with lumps of what feels like stearic acid but after having read the ingredients, I am guessing it's the glyceryl stearate that's lumpy? So, I didn't get the feeling of butter but of old porridge. Now, it may not be tested on animals and it may be 72% organic, but no porridge is making my skin softer. The smell might be lovely, but if it stays in lumps on my skin, it doesn't really matter.


Nailtastic said...

Jag älskar Green Gold, det är ett otroligt vackert lack!

schmut said...

->Nailtastic: Jag testade 5 lager och först då började jag se tillstymmelsen till vad folk kan ha pratat om. Tyvärr så stinker mitt lack och separerar sig något oerhört fort så att guldet ligger i botten, något grönt i mitten och mörkblått genomskinligt högst upp.

Nailtastic said...

Hm, vad konstigt. Har inget minne av några som helst appliceringsproblem. Bara att jag älskade det på naglarna.

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