It's not classic like an old Amazon Volvo, but hey, it's working

Sweet Helena over at Lipgloss bitch throws a challenge at her readers - What's their classic eyemakeup that they keep on doing over and over no matter what season, trend or weather?
Well, she didn't write that last part, I added it because that's what I do - I don't care about what and when if I like something.

My pièce de résistance is probably not something to show off but as I am pretty confident I'm going to stand out like a yellow-eyed bird among pretties, I'm posting it anyways.
It's a basic black (mascara and thin eyeliner) + something so colorful it will singe your eyes which in this case is an old yellow from Make up Store. This color in particular has been discontinued but is my all time favorite even though it's somewhat chalky and doesn't flatter me at all. Sometimes, it's not yellow I am going for, but lime (Noisy from Face Stockholm), green (Stillness, discontinued from Face Stockholm) or turquoise (Aquarius from Make up Store). The eyeshadow is smeared on the outer part of the lid up to the crease using a finger of your choice. Yes Mam, I don't even use brushes...

As you can see, I am not only staying true to my roots by only using Swedish brands (heh..), but also to my style icon of all time, Cyndi Lauper.


Helena/LipGloss Bitch said...

Snyggt! Och ganska precis vad jag hade gissat skulle vara vad man ser dig mest i :) Det ser ut som att du har hittat den perfekta mascaran också, vilken?

schmut said...

->Helena: Tack, men tyvärr måste jag erkänna att jag inte hittat DEN DÄR mascaran än utan köper den billigaste och använder så lite som möjligt. På bilden är det nog HMs egna, så illa är det..

badbomben said...

Roligt att se din go-to-look. Vilka låååånga fransar du har!:)

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