No town for a polish-a-holic

Had a look around town to see what was new and what was not. Realized I live in a town where the stores do not believe in updating their Depend and Viva la Diva-displays, so the latest collections were nowhere to be found. Too bad because I had actually saved up some money to be spend on cutesy cute polish.
The same went for OPI and China Glaze. 15-20 polishes, all basic colors. Nobody had heard of Orly. I guess Transdesign dropping us european customers will either leave us desperate for anything or if we're lucky, push the local vendours into carrying these brands as well?
However, I did get my hands on the new matte topcoat from Isadora. It wasn't an easy task though, had to go to 4 stores before I found one that had it in stock.
I am not much for matte polishes (I prefer a satin finish) but a tiny bottle like this means one can testdrive a few matte nails without adding yet another big ottle to the unused shelf.
But don't be fooled by the low price. It's only a tiny bottle, 6 ml, for 69SEK ($9.50) means that if you know you like matte, you might as well go for some of the other brands as it's not a cheap polish per se.

In all, I didn't do much shopping because there wasn't anything thrilling to be bought. Imagine that?
Thank God for Ebay.

(I realize that there is a matte polish from Essie that goes by the name Matte about you, but when I edited the picture, that didn't even cross my mind)


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