Pastels is the new black?

I have a confession to make:
I have gone pastels. I no longer just own one pastel nailpolish but two!
It all started with a classic that I have seen on many wishlists - Orly's Cashmere Cardigan. It's as lovely as suggested and on my durance-test (kid, dog, allotment) it passed with flying colors.
Somewhere along the way I realized that maybe pastels weren't the enemy? When black, green and brown nailpolish is more common than red, maybe it is about time I go softie and turn my life into a pastel-wonderland? Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea. A milky pink or a soft latte-shade, it almost seems punk these days.

Therefor I went shopping for the new pastels at HM and of course, the minty polish was already sold out (all 3 shades are sold out online), so I went for the cutesy pink nailpolish Preppy Pink. I have yet to try it on, thinking it's a streaky one, but so far it's posing as a fancy ornament on the shelf.

(Speaking of HM and minty experiences, I noticed that my local HM finally had Bella's Choice back in stock. It sold out early on, but now there were plenty of bottles. I have yet to decide if I want this or if it's a waste of money.)


Emmie said...

I want Bellas Choice, I want it sooo badly. My little sister is in town and she brought her bottle along and I adore it. So awesome.

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