Pretty in pink and raving zombie in black

There's been a couple of raised eyebrows concerning this blog.
Not about the content itself but the author - does she really care about that? She doesn't look like it. She doesn't seem like the type.
I guess we have a stereotype lurking in the back of our minds, that it's the pretty blond cheerleader-type that's salivating over limited edition eyeshadows on Ebay or the latest collections from China Glaze. That she's the one writing all these blogs on superficial matters while the rest of us are out there fighting world poverty and saving the whales.
The idea that this interest, makeup, is worth less than golfing, collecting Pez or freeform crochet.
That it's superficial, egocentric and lacks any sort of creative output.
I am guessing that the people who are of that opinion have never ever seen posts like Jangsara's, Dr Frankenpolish or Purity.

But then again, sometimes it's just about color. That color.
The color that got me hooked and back on the makeup-junkie wagon was black. More precisely, last year when H&M carried the black lipgloss pictured above. Suddenly, among the cute nude and pale pink, was a gloss that made you look like a raving zombie. Suddenly, makeup was fun again.


Jasmine said...

I LOVE jangara, her makeup is AWESOME

badbomben said...

So true. As a matter of fact, I believe we are quite often the odd, the quirky, nerdy and the artsy ones, even though some, in this matter uneducated, people think that everyone who is interested in makeup has to be a bimbo with nothing else in mind than the latest juicy couture add. I truly hope that this awful stereotype will pass away asap.

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