Shaken, not stirred

I might have to retract some things said. Especially since I am listening to the Gits right now. That fugly Golden green polish seems like it was made for wearing while listening to the Gits. That is, if I would have come across Golden Green 15 or 20 years ago, I guess I would have loved it. All I wore back then were bronze and other metallic shimmers. I guess grunge really got to me, right?

However, when I said the polish was bad, I meant it. My polish is not doing well. Picture on the right is taken less than 6 hours after having applied a fifth layer of it on my nails. You can see two distinct layers and the golden shimmer in the green is lumping together. Why is that? Does anybody know what happened to this poor polish?

But I must confess, seeing this picture reminds me that I want a nice royal blue jelly-polish really bad. Maybe not even a jelly, but a sheer? That would be fine.


Andrea said...

What the **** happened?
It wasn't like that when I had it!
About what you mentioned on the previous post:
I only needed 3 coats,
and I didn't think it was terribly streaky either. I do agree with you that it didn't look as good on the nails as in the bottle though.

That's why I sold it, in the hopes that it would be loved.
You bought it! Your problem ;)

féline-alizarine said...

Uhh... Maybe the previous owner poured remover in it? Or was it stated as being a brand new and unopened bottle? Man, I love those colors, and if that is the standard formula of this articular one, I'll stop craving it. :(

Royal blue, a nice jelly - try NYX Girls Ink Heart, available at Cherry Culture! :)

schmut said...

Something odd must have happened to it in the mail because it's layering like it's ..Gröna Hissen. Other bloggers seem to love it, so it must be something off with mine.

->Feline-alizarine: No, it was a opened bottle, probably used for swatches. It's the girl that commented above you that I bought it from and seeing as she's nailpolish-hooked (blogger?!) I am seriously doubting whatever happened to the polish was her fault.
I am thinking it's the formula. I have never read an ingredientlist like this one...

Andrea said...

Hell no, of course I didn't put remover in it!
I know better, only used it once.
On the contrary, it definitely didn't need thinner, it was thin to begin with.

I'm really sorry for you that this happened,
I promise you that I wouldn't sell a knowingly off bottle, or a thinned polish for that matter, without telling the buyer...
It did layer some, but NOT like that, and only after like a week or so, like.. normal.

I've heard that it's quite thin and sheer, but it's nice for layering if nothing else..

PS: Polish hooked yes, Blogger no :)

Andrea (again) said...

BTW: It is fun to have found you, I saw your comment on someone else's blog, and recognized your alias, so checked you out! :D

Hope it went better with the ChG-Outta Bounds..?

schmut said...

No worries. That's why I buy polish 2nd hand, to try it out. Most of the time, I end up buying from beautybloggers..hehe
The China Glaze was "normal". As you said, the Scratch was so thin, I've never seen anything like it, it must be something with the formula.
From here on, I'm only going to use it as a finish

Emmie said...

That sort of thing happened to a whole bunch of bottles I had after I managed to leave them in our tiny bathroom while the tumbledryer was on. We're talking 6 bottles of different polishes here. The room gets so hot when the tumbledryer is running I just assumed for me it was a heat thing.

Viola, Killer Colours said...

Det här fenomenet har jag stött på när jag haft frankens blandade på lösa pigment.. De brukar sjunka till botten när flaskan stått ett litet tag. Fy vad synd att det gjorde såhär, det var ju verkligen superhot i flaskan!

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