To shop or not to shop

Just yesterday, I found Head2Toe and Transdesign. Buying nailpolish online wasn't something that had occurred to me. Sure, I do the occasional Tradera as well as Ebay, but shipping colorful liquids in glass, well, if it goes wrong, it ends in a terribly mess.

I spend an hour ogling the colors and more importantly, ogling the prises!
Say I wanted Opi's Suzi Says Feng Shui, (and tell you, I do!) I'd pay  $4.99 for a bottle at Transdesign but if I were to get it locally, I would have to pay 150 SEK, which is about $20.50. Granted, shipping and handling from the States ti Sweden would mean that I'd a little more, but in the end, it's a substatiable difference. No wonder european lackoholics turn west!

But, then again, if we buy everything online, chances are we're putting the local stores and salons out of business. Do we really want that?
Then there's that other aspect,  the green aspect that's always nagging at the back of my head.
Think about the environment and buy from the source or do you support your local store? Or is it better to ship en masse to the local store or to buy individually from the source? But then again, all these online shops aren't really the source, are they? They're just the closest we get to it.

Maybe I think too much, but buying something is not just cash for item. What I buy where and when matters. Even if it's something as toxic as nailpolish.


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