What did you learn today?

At the age of 32, I realized that concealer was a good thing.
Now at 33, I've realized the difference a little color on the eyebrows make.

The question is, what big secret am I going to unveil next year?


Emmie said...

I remember when I was 16 (i think?) and realized that blush is not necessarily a bad thing. I went from having a one-colour face to a one-colour face with two hard 'lines' going up my cheekbones. Still, it was a good discovery because it quickly evolved into something much nicer looking.

anso said...

vet inte vad du kan tänkas upptäcka. kanske rouge?

mina upptäckter:
* ögonfransbender! aah! (fast det lär ju inte du behöva, du har ju redan doll-lashes.)
* samma grej med färg på ögonbrynen. men jag färgar dom hemma ist och fyller i lite där det behövs.
* färga ögonfransarna på salong är skiten, särskilt på sommaren när mascaran bara kladdar. (att försöka göra det DIY är skiten - alltså på riktigt. jag blev typ blind.)
* ögonskuggeprimer is my friend.
* eyeliner-kaka + pensel..förstår inte hur jag kunde möga runt med H&Ms pissiga flytande innan..?

sheena b. said...

As we get older our needs change a bit....
I am a cat liner girl, it won't die for me, but now I'm realizing that a little eyeliner on the bottom lash line goes a long way for me & makes the eyes pop that much more.

I've also just come back to lipstick. Years ago I wore it daily, but when I gave it up I couldn't go back to it. I'd look in the mirror & feel like a clown. The reality is, my eyes are done too dramatically & my lips only benefit with a tinge of color, so I've whipped up my own mix & am happy with it. Yay!

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