The clash of the polishes?

I just can't drop that whole nightmare-polish scenario that happened yesterday. When writing the post, I forgot to mention that that lovely blue polish not only stained my cuticles but also the topcoat I used to give it a matte finish. Seeing as the matte topcoat was the same brand as Blue jeans, ie Isadora, it can't be blamed on not following the ingredientlist and cheating with other brands.

On my 2nd attempt, I used no basecoat, just one layer of Blue jeans and then waited 4 hours until I put on Wet n Wild's glittercoat Sparked. Guess which polish stained the brush and tried to bleed into the clear polish? I had to clean the brush before putting it back into the bottle each time.
So, it's no coincidence, there's something off with the Isadora polish. It doesn't work well with it's own siblings, nor with strangers.

Speaking of which, am I the only one that remembers seeing posts about some polishes clashing with other brands top- and basecoats? That sometimes they crack, chip or just won't stick?
Other than the Manglaze-fenonomen, which I consider pretty cool as they embraze it.


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