The never-ending story

So I guess the Green gold had one trick up it's sleeve despite it's thin appearance - it held up for more than 5 days with no chip or wear. While my cuticles look like they've been through an ordeal the Gold doesn't look worn at all.

In the pic it's (slightly) matted down using the Isadora's Matte top coat which gives a more satin finish than a matte.
However, I still think the color is horrible and makes my hands look like that of a zombie. Not that there's anything wrong with the zombie-look (blueish nails are pretty hot in my opinion), but it's not one you'd like to get accidentally...


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

I like that polish!

Nea said...

I LOVE that polish :D

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

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