Swedettes, Isadora is coming for you!

I went out of my way to get my hands on Isadora's Vintage mint but ended up with 3 blue shades instead. As with all mints, Isadora's version is sold out everywhere and I don't know why I was thinking that there would be any at HM's discount on Isadora polishes. At my age and bitterness, I should know better.

But, as mentioned, I didn't leave empty handed and this is the first time ever I have bought Isadora's polishes (never mind the matte top-coat mentioned previously). It's a brand that has never had a finger on the pulse and that have always had granny-colors. Frosted pinks, shimmery lavender, cutesy apricot etc. Stuck in the 80's and not the 80's we wish to remember. Less Pretty in pink, more of the Golden Girls.

When it comes to Isadora's polishes, it's all minis, 6ml for 69sek ($9.13), which in the end is rather expensive. But then again, their new brush, a wider brush, means that this is a bottle you can and will want to re-use for frankenpolish and decanting. See, I am already warming up to Isadora after having had them left out in the cold for 27 years and that in just a few hours!

I have yet to try these  (Bel-Air blue, Baby blue and Blue jeans) on but so far, I am pretty smittened.
I think the price, 39sek ($5.16) instead of 69sek ($9.13), might have something to do with it.
Remember, this bottles might look big but they contain about the same amount of polish as an Orly mini (which are probably the only minis that I truly love...)


féline-alizarine said...

Oh fuck, I think I actually need the two darker ones! Now I'll be broke. :) Haven't seen those yet tho, hope they won't sell out immediately! And it should be totally prohibited releasing stuff before the 25th in a month. I need my paycheck first. ;D

schmut said...

Där var faktiskt några andra som också var intressanta, så jag tror Isadora kan ha gjort ett uppsving alternativt fått in lite färskt blod i designer-leden.
Bland annat var där en snygg orange med drag åt korall-hållet. Mer färgstark än dammig.

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