To seal or to just conceal

I am starting to look like I feel and even though I'm not really into covering up and I just discovered the wonderful product that is concealer, I think I need to some good ...eh... putty.

So far I've used Maybelline's Age rewind which is fair enough for my pale self, but it has a tendency to crease and to be honest, it doesn't do much more than make me feel like if nothing else, atleast I made an attempt.
In the end, I look exactly the same, I just spend time and money on wishful thinking.
Plus, I hate to say it, but I think the concealer in question irritates my eyes and makes them water. A runny mess, not the look I was after...

So, I need your helpful advice and maybe even some guidance:
Good concealer for people on a tight budget?
Or is it just better to stick with a good foundation and leave the rest as is? I am thinking that the more time an effort you spend on covering up, the more you have to lose and re-applying makeup every couple hours just isn't my thing. Either it's there, or it's not.

(On the nails it's the Hello Kitty-polish mentioned below. As you can see, it never looks the same..)


krex said...

kanske testa mineralsmink? man kan köpa prover för en billig penning!

Lithia Black said...

Om du kan tänka dig mineralsmink så rekommenderar jag Lucy Minerals foundation, jag behöver inte använda concealer alls med den. Jag lägger bara på produkten med en tät pensel där jag vill ha täckning (typ under ögonen har jordens panda ringar) och buffar sedan dit ett tunt lager av produkten över hela ansiktet.
Vill du ha en traditionell concealer så är Lóreals Infallible en riktigt bra budget kap.

Ninni said...

Jag tycker att MAC's concealer-stift är jättebra om man vill ha mycket täckning. De är faktiskt inte så mycket dyrare än Maybelline och L'Oreal även om man kan tro det. Jag använde mitt på både finnar och mörka ringar. Nu har jag en concealer i läppglans-liknande hylsa från Clinique och ett täckstift som jag köpt i Thailand och båda är bra, men MAC's är lika bra!

jellynat said...

Not inexpensive (16€) but the best I've found so far is Mac Moisturecover. One tube last me more than one year (yes!!), you really don't need to put a lot to get a good result, it's very efficient (even more applied over foundation).

I love it cause it doesn't cause me puffiness, it doesn't crease, it doesn't fade out during the day (if you fix it with powder), it's light weighted, it's well covering without a "mask feeling" cause it blend very well (under the condition you get the right tint).

schmut said...

->Ninni & Jellynat: So, what you're saying is that I need to stop being a Mac-virgin? Too bad, I feel pretty good about that. The last girl ever to have nothing from Mac. It's an accomplishment, or atleast, so I am told.

->Krex: Ska kolla in de där sidorna. har inte varit allför inne på mineralsmink men det är kanske dags att testa på riktigt?

->Lithia black: Lucy minerals har jag aldrig hört talas om. Tror jag. Får googla.

jellynat said...

I lost my MAC virginity with the brush #217. About 3 years ago. I was a late MAC virgin.

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