Wishwashing with Polyvore

I just did what everybody did years ago and that is, I got a Polyvore account. In my case, I didn't do it to be trendy or to try to be a trendsetter (hey, come on now!) but to be able to enter the Sugarpill  contest at Gala Darling. I have followed Shrinkle for years and I love her choice of colors, but her makeup is way too expensive for me to afford right now. As much as I would like to be able to support her indie-company, all I can afford right now is word of mouth.

While trying to figure out how Polyvore works, I decided to make a set about what I want right now when it comes to cosmetics. Consider it window-shopping my way. Can't afford it but pasting item after item into a set makes me think I almost had it all for a second or so.
The problem is that the more I look at Polyvore, the more items I find that I want. It's like reading your blogs, you make me crave things I didn't even know excisted!


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