Absolutely fugly

The fail-category is adding up and becoming the biggest on the blog. How about that? This is another one that feels right at home in that category and I call it the vomit-manicure.
Yesterday I gave Depend 196, aka the mini-Shrek or Granny Smith, another go. It's a color I've been wanting to add to my collection for so long so I haven't really come to terms with the fact that the one I got my hands on is a nasty little bastard.

Of course, the same thing happened as the last time and somewhere between frustration and disappointment I got the excellent idea of adding a layer of glitter polish. Pink glitter-polish as I think pink & lime is one of the best colorcombos known to man.
Usually when I have a streak-incident where the polish just won't get a nice surface, I end up layering it with a glitter-polish.
What I ended up is with looks more like the result of a wet night out. Hangover-manicure. An "Oh, no, I didn't do that, did I?"-manicure.
Here's the vomit-mani:
I dare you to take a closer look at what you don't want on your fancy carpet but in the toilet-bowl. I guess I won't be starting any trends with this?!

The pink glitter is an innocent in all of this. It's the Wet 'n' wild in Sparked (435G) which is the best glitter-polish I have yet to come across.


Megan Harmeyer said...

LOL I don't think it looks too bad! You'd definitely get a look or two from this one. Yay for happy accidents!

jellynat said...

I love the association. But I have a weird love for pus/vomit/poo colors that no one loves. I'm one to think that a glorious uglyness is sometimes better than a failed beauty. Let's be entire!

Oh and what's that record you're holding? Who did a pink 7"?? I own a lot of records (even more than polishes) but I don't own a lot of colored ones. The coolest I own is a black/white/grey marbled. And a sheer electric blue. But nothing pink. Yet a sheer neon pink is on my wishlist for years...

Jonna said...

Lool that's an interesting combo!

Nailtastic said...

Haha, men allvarligt, är inte misslyckanden ganska roliga? Jag funderar på att ha ett ful-tema på min blogg och visa upp några riktiga hemskingar. Fulast manikyr vinner? :-D

schmut said...

->Jellynat: I actually have a few pink records in my stash in the basement, but the one in the picture is a notebook made by Kate Black.

->Nailtastic: Fultema låter som en hit!

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