Come on Barbie, let's go party!

I started this blog on a dare ("Lisa writing on beauty, what a joke") but also to keep myself busy. To keep myself sane. I have had some medical issues this last year that's turned me into a bitter hermit, even online, and I needed a challenge to get back out there.

So far it's worked wonders on my photography - I want to pick up my camera which is something I haven't in the last 3 or 4 years. What it hasn't worked wonders on is my wallet. It was thin to begin with and 2 months into this Rugby beauty-business, it's starving.
So, I've made a decision to save my wallet and prevent it from committing suicide:
no buys over 50SEK irl ($6.35) and online, I will only go hunting on Tradera/Ebay where 100SEK ($12.75) is the limit.

I know this sounds awful as well as ridiculous to a proper beautyjunkie, but I don't like the "Oh, nice, I want it feeling" that comes over me every other minute as I read all of your blogs. It's like the list of must-haves just gets bigger and bigger when deep down, most of the things listed aren't things I really want.
I am not a shopper and not a hoarder, I'm a girl that likes to pose my nailpolish and take clickiticlick-photos of it. I guess nailpolish is my Barbie?

In the end, I'd rather spend $19 on the new novel by Joyce Carol Oates than a brand new OPI in the local stores. Makeup and nailpolish is ridiculously overpriced in Sweden and I can't justify spending that much money on it.

The polish above is Dream on from Sinful Colors and it is much more fuchsia in real life than my photo suggests. $5 online at Tradera, a good buy. It's posing with a spread in an old Bust magazine (dec/jan 09)


krex said...

heh, jag känner igen mig i mycket. kanske därför jag är så förtjust i din blogg? nåja, även jag har insett att jag måste komma på någon slags regel för att inte bli totalt bankrutt. men jag gillar att köpa saker. och få hem dem. och titta på dem. och pilla på dem. och fota dem.

schmut said...

->Krex: Ja, det blir ju lite som nya leksaker. Posera med dem, titta på dem, jämföra dem mot andra färger och konsistenser. Sant nörderi med barnslig förtjusning

Emmie said...

I think that's wonderful. It's a challenge as well to get things on the cheap. I've not paid full price for make up for years.. except for the occasional mascara although most of those have been gifts.

And speaking of Joyce Carol Oates.. what should I read? I read Rape, Blonde, Big Mouth and ugly girl (loved it!). I love everything I've read but I don't know what to read next. I used to read heaps of books but these last 3 years I've managed maybe 4 a year or something. It's horrible.

Rebecka Åhlund said...

Helt rätt tycker jag, ingen sport annars. Har just börjat läsa, tycker mycket om dina bilder och nu: den här anfallsvinkeln.

schmut said...

->Emmie: My favorite J.C.O is the Falls, Gravedigger’s Daughter or maybe the Mulvaneys.

She's so productive with such a high standard that there aren't any misses, even though I must admit that there are some books that weren't to my liking (like Big Mouth and some of the other books for young adults)

->Rebecka: Tackar för komplimangen.

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