Exactly what is downtown brown?

I'm still in my aubergine-phase and earlier today, I realized that not only was my lipstick matching my nailpolish but also my bra.
The colors are somewhat off in the photo (less pink in real life) but it's Essie's Downtown brown (4 layers of this highgloss jelly) and Nivea's lipstick Chocolat Exquis from The Chantal Thomass collection.
The latter I had to hunt down on Tradera as I couldn't find it in the stores when it was launched in the autumn of 2009, but it was most definitely worth the wait. 2 layers of lipstick gives you blackish brown lips while blotted down, it looks like a nice Merlot. I think this may be my new favorite lipstick, which I guess doesn't mean all that much as lipstick isn't my thing. However, I still can't resist a nice dark lipstick may it be purple, brown or black.


Skulda said...

You're right, you do match! It looks lovely.

Megan Harmeyer said...

What great happenstance! Love the color - one of my faves.

April said...

I posted this color on my blog not too long ago. I decided it looks like cherry cola.

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