Girls just wanna have color

Can you spot the soccer-mom? The woman that looks like she has no neck? That's me as of yesterday.
15 minutes before taking the dog for a walk, I decided to cut off 3 inches of hair. I would want to blame it all on my polish-disasters leaving me all colorless but to be honest, it was more about the heat and even more about the fact that I am a sucker for change.
Grabbing the scissors 5 minutes before you're out the door just because you want, no, you need that change. I've done it since I was 12 and haven't been to a hairdresser since.

Now I just need to add some color, I'm thinking sea-green stripes in the bang, to feel more like myself again. I feel and look too darn wholesome.

Below you see a selection of haircuts I've had the last 10 years. A couple of colors, mostly turquoise and purple, are missing. Guess I had too much fun to stop and take a picture, right?!


nihrida said...

I know what you're talking about. I've had moments like this.
I LOVE the last photo in the collage. You wear mohawk so well. I can only wish I could pull it off. *dreams of having a mohawk*

Jamie K. said...

i just snipped off my fringe, just a bit last night. in five minutes or less. just like you. needed change. which explains how i change my nail colour and length every now and then. ahhhh.
p.s u are fantastic! ;)

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