What in the Garden?

I am a wee bit under the weather so I'll make it brief:
 Bought a nailpolish I figured had to be the ugliest color ever. I bought it because it was on sale and well, I like the other products in the same range. I am talking about that green Hello Kitty polish, "Garden Green" from HM's spring collection
I have looked at it more than once but felt it didn't have enough punch to it, just felt cutesy cute with an almost vintage feel.

Now above you may see a streaky mess, despite 3 layers, on swollen fingers but I was quite smittened. It's the same color as my favorite icecream - Piggelin, of Unilever/heartbrands. I felt so rejuvenated by the fact that I decided to go and buy a Piggelin to cure my strep throat, if even just for a moment.
Now, turns out that the ice-lolly was the stupid move (citric acid and sores?!) but none the less, I like the polish.


Megan Harmeyer said...

Wow - 3 coats and it's *still* streaky? Booo!! It is a pretty color, however. Hope you feel better soon. Sucks being sick.

KarenD said...

Sending you get well wishes!

I was fortunate to get this polish in a swap but haven't tried it yet--looks nice.

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