I wasn't born with a lipliner in hand

One thing that I was thinking about more than once before I started this adventure, ie Rugby beauty, was
Do I really want my face out there?
It's not like I am hiding underneath a rock and sure, I have a picture on Facebook, Twitter, yada yada.....But, do I want my head on a blog about superficial things? About beauty? Do I want my appearance questioned and scrutinized by other women? My lack of skills turning me into an attachment to emails for all ages to come?

I know that to some, this sounds off, but remember that I am the nerd-girl, the outcast, the rocker that didn't really care all that much about what a girl should and shouldn't do. I wasn't born with a lipliner in hand. I still rarely wear lipstick because I want to be able to make out with my man without him getting a nice red up his nose.
Then again, that was the purpose of the blog - makeup-geekery and not makeup-snobbery. This is not a blog for the cool kids that want to be Nicole Richie, it's for the kids at the freaks-table.

These days, this kid wear a whole lot of aubergine. I guess goth hit my 20 years too late? Aubergine, purple and red for eyeliner, except most of the time I don't wear eyeliner but lipliner. Oh yes, I said a lip-thing on the eyes - It's easier to smudge and I can find it in the colors I want.
All smeared and smokey to my perfection.
Below is Bare Escentuals Lipliner in Wearable wine mixed with a Mexx lipliner in dark brown/aubergine (#04). On top of it all, a no-name offwhite eyeshadow to blend.

Zooming out (and not brightened for detail, my skin isn't that white), we get this which isn't at all very goth but quite.....soccermom with lipliner all over her head.


jellynat said...

Oh it's never too late to be 20 years old. Frankly, youth can last forever if we want it to.

There's no really rule and dictates in make up to me... It's just fun and self expression. I wear greyish pink eyeshadow as a blush and I couldn't care less if it makes me look like a unburried corpse. It looks cool. So I do it. I've worn eyeliner on my lips so lipliner on your eyes is fine by my standards.

Life's too short to get bothered by conventions into the most superficial and potentially most free thing ever. Don't we have enough rules on a daily basis?

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love that you don't care what other people think. You shouldn't. You should do this (and everything else for that matter) for YOU - nobody else! Age is only a number and you're only as old as you feel. Live life how you see fit - not how you think other people would do it! Here's to the fellow geek-table girls out there. LOVE your blog!!

nihrida said...

I think you and I would be great friends. =D

Nailtastic said...

Jag är också galen i aubergine! Det är en fantastiskt snygg färg. :-)

Jonna said...

Great post! Age is only a number.. Never should anyone think "I'm too old to do this, I'm too old to do that".. You're never too old! Yuo can do and wear whatever you want, and be as old as you feel :)

Love the colour of your lip-liner (on your eyes) :D It's great idea to use lip-liner to do eye make up.. I've done it too, because I've never found a real bright red eyeshadow so I used my red lip-liner :)

schmut said...

Thank you. Feels good to know I have great readers

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