Last of it's kind

What ever happened to Baby Jane Kaos? Do you know?
It used to be one of my favorite makeup-brands with a big range of colors in nailpolish as well as eyeshadows and lipstick. One of the first brands I came across that had colorful matte eyeshadows for a reasonable price. Sold at department stores, in my case Åhlens, around the country.

Unfortunately, the eyeshadow above is all that I have left or rather, that survived the hurricane Iggy*. The label can't be read (note to makeup-companies - please use water-sustainable print on packaging!) and a Google-search doesn't result in anything of value other than the fact that International MakeUp Center has it as a registered brand while the store Kaos is linked to Make up Store. The MakeUp Center is a school for makeup-artists but they use Make up Store's products. Where does that leave the brand Kaos?

(* Hurricane Iggy:


Nicola-x said...

never heard of these, but aww that picture is so cute of the little child :)

Nicola xo

Megan Harmeyer said...

Oh, no!! She looks like she had FUN!! I hope you're able to find a replacement.

Jamie K. said...

hehe cant resist. my surname is Kao :P

Jonna said...

Never heard of that brand.. But hopefully you'll find a replacement!
The picture of the kid is sooo cute! x

schmut said...

Thanks. Iggy loves playing with colors in whatever shape they come. And sure, it feels safer that she's playing with makeup that's already been tried by me than her playing with those special make-up kits for children....which seems to be more about looking like Barbie than having fun with color.

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