long lost lover

Declaring this, I'm aware it put's me in the que for a show like What not to wear (where Mica Paris will tell me mature women don't do punk), but for 10 years or so, my favorite eyeshadow has been a turquoise from HM. The cheapest of the cheap at $1.8 á piece, more vibrant and pigmented than any  you could find elsewhere. I don't know how many of these I picked up and send to my friends in States and the UK, but it wouldn't surprise me if I was the biggest customer in my town.

Of course, it was discontinued ages ago and when my beloved kid found my beloved (unused, saved for later) eyeshadow stash and played dress-up with it, I was less than happy. So, when I found it and some of it's siblings online, I was ecstatic. Let's hoard eyeshadow like there's no tomorrow, or rather, like I'll be around for the next 300 years!
Unfortunately, when I got them and realized that HM had given the eyeshadow a makeover before discontinuing them and that makeover wasn't just the package, but the shades as well. Same numbers, different slightly colors.The ones marked as Divided eyeshadow are the ones I used to wear and these new ones are duller. All of them are duller. Reading the ingredientlist it's obvious it was intended as it's not the same.

I feel cheated. Not financially as they are still dirt-cheap, but cheated of my dream of being able to wear the same color I wore when I was young and un-hip.


Ninni said...

Oh, my goodness! I loved those! Where did you find those?

jellynat said...

I remember those eyeshadows. Wow it's old.... I had a champagne color, a black and a red. So old that it belong to an other life...

It really sucks when a brand keep the same name and number and change the color and/or quality. I hate when they do that, it's dishonest. And they never change for the best, that's why it sucks. I hated Bourjois for having changed my fav polish of the 90's (Violetta) from a metallic purple pink to a blank frost orangey pink. Years after I'm still looking for a dupe (it's saying how stubborn I am). ;)

nihrida said...

I don't know those eyeshadows... We don't even have HM make up here in Slovenia, just got a couple of nail polishes, but that's it.
I do understand you though. It seems like they discontinue every single thing I really like. =)

schmut said...

->Ninni: Tradera! The best friend in a time of need.

->Jellynat: I think make-up can be a lot like the first love - you keep on looking for it's qualities and appearance in every thing you come across.

->Nihrida: As said, this was ages ago but it was when I first realized that HM wasn't all bad. I guess it was in -01 or something when punkrock was trendy and I could suddenly find my stuff everywhere and that for cheap!

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