No feet for you!

For a girl that isn't into glitter, I certainly have a big amount of glitter-polish. I've always found glitter nailpolish to be more wearable - doesn't chip as fast and glitter matches anything.
More often than not, I end up wearing Orly's Goth, Collistar's Melanzana Glitter or Collistar's Nero Lurex on my toes. I prefer a dark pedicure.

I have been on the frontier ranting about how great it is that people are starting to show their pedicures (on their blogs) and not treat feet differently than any other bodypart. Disliking a bodypart just because doesn't seem very healthy. To go a little hippie on you - Feet are our best friends that takes us everywhere and we should treat them as such.

While I don't hate my feet, chances are next to slim I'll be showing any pedicures as I am one of those women with arthritis. My feet look like they hurt and they do hurt, so showing my pedictures won't make anybody happy other than the Arthritis support-groups. That plus the fact that my body is so stiff that I have a hard time doing a nice pedicure. I just slabber things on trying to hit the target and hope that the excess falls of in the shower. I am not sure I would want to see that mess up close.


Megan Harmeyer said...

That's a great color!! I love glitter polishes and I get them every chance I get. LOL I do my toenails, but I can never get a good pic.

Nailtastic said...

Jag har aldrig förstått den här grejen med att fötter är äckliga. Jag tycker fötter är söta och lite roliga. Men jag kommer nog inte att visa några pedikyrer på min blogg eftersom jag är så förbannat slarvig när jag målar tånaglarna. Hela tårna brukar lackas. :-)

Skulda said...

I'm the same way with my pedicures! HAHA! I'll never show my feet either.

Ninni said...

Äh, jag visar mina tassar i bloggen ibland. Jag gillar faktiskt mina fötter till skillnad från mina lår...

Jonna said...

That glitter polish looks awesome.
Oh I feel so stupid, I think I've just now figured out what's the difference between manicure and pedicure. I've heard both of those words and knewn that they have something to do with nails... But now I found out that pedicure is like manicure done to feet nails. XD lol.
I wouldn't ever show my feet.. Makes me feel so comfortable when people see my feet..

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