Orly is my homegirl

I know, it's only polish but tell me you haven't been bummed when it just won't work? Perfect color, naked nail and it just goes down the crapper again and again? If it's just a mess, why even give it a try? Why spend time (and money) on something that won't work?
I can't help but wonder why I get so frustrated when it happens but to be honest, this last mess almost made me swear off nailpolish.

But then, I did what I always do - I picked up an Orly and was amazed at how perfect their formula is. Thin but opaque, rarely get's gooey and it's just a dream to apply. I've only come across one Orly that was giving me a hard time and that was a mini, Chocolate martini. So stuffed with tiny speckles of glitter, it's almost liquid glitter, it took ages to dry.

Above you see the Orly in question, one coat of my beloved Mandalay Ruby, and I am trying to mimic Nihrida and her pose, but either my hand's too big or my head too small, because I just can't get it to work. I guess it takes hard work and practise.


féline-alizarine said...

I would KILL to have your eyes!

nihrida said...

LOL XD You're just too darn cute for my pose. =D
And yes, I hate it when my manicure doesn't go as planned. Usually it's when I'm in hurry and I keep picking the wrong colors and the most goopy polishes.
BTW: This Orly looks great on you.

Rebecca said...

Aw I love the Nihirida pose, it's becoming a classic! I've only tried one Orly and it was Matte Vinyl but I really liked it. I love the handle on the bottle, so easy to use!

schmut said...

->Féline: Thank you. I hope you don't meant that literally though..hehe

->Nihrida: I love your pose and the way that it's used and referred to as the Nihrida-pose by other nailbloggers. Hello legacy!

->Rebecca: I've been looking for that Orly but I have a hard time finding anybody that sells them in Sweden....which is probably a good thing as I would spend ALL my money on Orly. Hell, I'd even change my middle name to Orly.

Lily nail said...

nice polish color !!

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