A proper swatch or a nice photo

Last night, I added two more layers to my Mandalay Ruby and as it's a jelly that gets increasingly darker for every layer you add, it looked nothing like the picture below.
Today I had a hard time to try and pin the color down. Taking a picture of the color isn't that hard, but what fun is that? A swatch is just that, color on an object. I can't help but want to make something artsy. It might not be color-accurate, but atleast it eh...makes me smile.
Guess my inner-child is ever present, right?!

Below is a more color-accurate photo of my love, Mandalay Ruby. Still not a proper swatch though, guess I'm not a swatchy type of girl....


nihrida said...

Don't worry about that. There's enough of swatches all over the internet. We *need* some artsy photos of nail polish too. =)

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