What are you reading?

My newest favorite is one with a name that's brilliant -  Vintage or Tacky. It's all that I am about and love.
How could you not love a blog that's all about animalprint, vibrant color and hey, she's even done a Barbie tutorial!
On the right you see a makeup inspired by Avatar but you can also find some inspired by Sailor moon, Invader Zim and the Watchmen. Inspiration for all of us and I for sure need some. I'm stuck in beige-land and I am desperate for a vaccation.

So, what's your latest blog-favorite?

(Picture used for Poladroid belongs to Vintage or Tacky)


Kajalpennan said...

Någon dag när jag har tid över ska jag gå igenom din digra länklista och se om jag hittar några nya egna favoriter

Jonna said...

Thanks for sharing! And, thanks for following me, made me discover your blog and I like it :) Started following! x

krex said...

haha, kan inte, eller jo, men min nya favoritblogg är ju din ,DD annars är de få jag har i min länklista favoriter, men du har säkert redan sett alla.

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