How matte are you?

After reading Alizarine claw's post on matte polish and wear, I decided that maybe I should post one of my own as I am currectly matte. Now, I am no rockstar and neither a construction worker, but as an alloment-slaving mother of a 3-year old, I think I can produce a whole lot of wear in little to no time.
Add to that the fact that my skin's been shedding like I was a snake, making me look like a zombie, and not just somebody that got penicillin prescribed.
2 days of Lincoln Park after dark, the matte version. It's been with me digging after carrots, looking for Spongebob at the beach and itching my fingers because of that darn Kåvepenin.
The bottle suggests that this is an Eggplant-colored polish but with 3 layers on my fingernails it looks more like the darkest Kalamata olives or maybe even dried blood, which gives the expression vampy a whole different meaning.

And psst, if you know what movie-poster is reflected in the mirror, I think I love you.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I don't get the whole matte thing...but maybe it's because I've never used it myself. However, all the matte posts have got me curious. I ended up buying a bottle of ChG Matte Magic. We'll see how I like (or dislike) it. That's a pretty color on you - I love deep, dark vampy colors.

PolishPig said...

Great photo, notd with a twist!
And thanks for commenting on my blog making me go looking for Rugby Beauty. I'm putting you on my blog roll ASAP!

schmut said...

->Megan: I didn't really get the matte thing either, until I saw it in person and used it on myself. It has one thing going for it (other than the finish): it dries superfast. 2 layers 5 minutes before you go somewhere isn't a problem!

->PolishPig: Thank you!

Sarah said...

I love matte!

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