Baby you can paint my car

I have a few untried nailpolishes sitting on a shelf. I bought them all a while back, but I just can't get myself to...It's not that they're not lovely in their own ways, but I just can't see myself wearing them just now. I'm not a metallic(a) type of girl.
They all remind me of carpaint. While I love the idea Autopaint Cosmetics did with launcing classic cars' paint as hues in a  nailpolish-line, I am a little more skepctical towards Volvo's attempt at being hip. Simply put, I think more cars should have the color of great nailpolish (can you imagine a car the color of For Audrey or maybe even Pink Voltage?) and less nailpolish should look like carpaint.

But today I figured - why not? Another birthday has passed and why let myself be bothered by what I think I should look like? Why do I pinpoint myself to the point where I don't dare to....look like a Volvo?
If my ass is getting all station-wagon, why not go with the flow?
So, I did. The polish in the back is the only Orly I have that's still untried. I love Orly, so why is it still sitting there? It's Witch's Blue and while it doesn't look very tempting in the bottle, dark denim blue with greyish shimmer, it did look quite freaky cool on the nail. Indoors it just looks like any dark nailpolish but when you go out or step into bright light, there's definitely something blue on the nail. I comes to life and it's intense alright!

But it's still something that looks like I nicked it off my dad's shelves in the garage. Being too cheap, too punk or too DIY to buy nailpolish. Plastic padding, oh, free concealer anyone?
I think we even had a car that looked like it was painted a sunkissed Witch's Blue?! And sure, on the way downtown to get us some cake, I managed to find a moped this color, a perfect match. I'm a moped baby, so why don't you kill me.

Hey, what's up? I'm 34 and I look like a car.
It's no comfort that the car I remembered having this color was a Porsche 911 from the early 70's. I would rather have looked like our old baby-blue Wolkswagen Beetle...


jellynat said...

Should I tell you happy birthday today on July 31? Could it be possible that we share the same birthday?

Megan Harmeyer said...

That's a great color - it's bold without being too bright. I think I've seen a VW Bug the color of For Audrey. But Pink Voltage? I don't think so.

Clint Moore said...

Maybe it's the gloss of metallic colored cars that give their similarity to nail polish. Especially when the car is struck by the sun's light, some sort of glittery effect appears. Why don't you try painting your auto with Witch's Blue? You'll need a thousand bottles for that! LOL

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