Chicken or the egg, brush or conditioner?

A while back I won an Aussie haircare set. I've never been a hairgal but I have read a lot of good reviews on the brand and it's products, so I entered the giveaway thinking my chances were slim to none.
I won but luck has it somebody (post-office?!) nicked the hair-masque and while all I got was the conditioner and shampoo, I was happy with just that. Usually I'm going for the cheapest haircare with good conditioner and the most neutral smell which usually means it's VO5 that's going with me home. Since Body Shop's Banana conditioner, not much have left me amazed.
I figured Aussie would make me dump my VO5 Fade Defy. Praised brand vs drugstore cheapie, it seemed an obvious choice.
My first impression of Aussie was yet another thing that made me think it would make me kick VO5 to the curb: great packaging that talks back ("Color mate conditioner for colored hair, funnily enough") and looks cute with it's flowers and kangaroos. The smell is the absolute winner - it smells like apricot kernels which is a fruity nutty smell. Think almonds as there's a reason why apricot kernels are used to substitute almonds when cooking for those allergic to nuts. A touch of eucalyptus keeps it from going from fruity to sickly sweet.
The consistency of the conditioner is also somewhat different compared to most other I have tried. Less slimy and more like a bodylotion which makes perfect sense - you want to rehydrate your hair.
I have a slight crush on my Aussie products, except, they don't work all that well. They're ok, but not more. I think it's the conditioner that sells a brand as a shampoo is just the first stage - getting rid of the shite. A conditioner makes the hard work of turning your frizzy grizzly-fur into a soft shiny mane that hardly needs a brush to look fantastic. My Aussie doesn't do that for me. Shiny, sure but it's still tangled up in a knot. I googled for reviews to see if I was the odd one out, but no, seems I'm not the only one that noticed that the conditioner doesn't do it's job. However, there aren't that many reviews around which I find strange seeing as Aussie is much like Eyeko, showering bloggers in freebies, events, giveaway-items and promotion-material.

I've spend some time trying to figure out what the magic ingredient is that separates the two. The one that my cheapie conditioner has that Aussie doesn't. Is it in the slime? It can't be, can it?
Well, if that slime is Quaternium, I guess it can. It seems to be what separates VO5 from Aussie (as well as the other conditioners I had on my shelf which all had Quaternium). Reading up on the subject, I realize that it is indeed slime, allergenic slime that is linked to formaldehyde. Do I want that in my hair even if it means I don't ever have to brush? Shouldn't I just diss my VO5 and go for Aussie which seems safer?

That's what I did.
I'd rather brush my hair more often and be able to use the same haircare-products on my daughter, than take the easy way out. I have yet to look up all the ingredients Aussie use, but another day, another day.


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SaintBella said...

Jag har en flaska TBS Banana Conditioner, om du vill du byta? Det är mycket kvar, säkert 75% iaf.
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