Do you do cute?

When I bought the pink Hello Kitty polish, Cool Summer, a while back, it wasn't for me. It was for Iggy: pink, cute and Hello Kitty - a 3,5 year olds dream-polish.
She has yet to try it as she thinks it's too cute. She likes a dark pink, a fuchsia or hotpink. I don't blame her, I do too. If it has to be pink, let it be PINK! Natural shades and bridal manicures with soft pastels aren't for me.
But here I am. Almost no fingernails left and my skin is still peeling from the penicillin. I want to put some polish on my nails but my generic black/purple vampy colors will look horrid on these fingers. True zombie-fingers, flesh torn off.
At first I figured that maybe a silent taupe would do it, but I have a bunch of untried polish waiting around and none of them are taupe. The only color among them that seemed to flatter these overcooked sausagerolls was an untried pink. The pink, the Hello Kitty pink. Imagine that?!

I guess one can say that if you have no expectations, you will always be pleasantly surprised, and I was. This was a one-coater (even if I used two) of thin creme-polish that almost applied itself unlike it's purple sibling. Not as cutesy-cute pink as the bottle suggests but it has a little more bite to it. Somewhat more intense than your average Pepto Bismol. It's one of those that looks really bright in direct sunlight but indoors, it's not so cutesy cute but quite intense.
As it's one of the cheaper HM-polish (you didn't think that was possible, did you?!) at 19.50SEK for 15ml ($2.50 for an 0.5 Fl), you can afford one for you and all of your friends even though it might not be your favorite shade of pink.


Megan Harmeyer said...

You look good in "cute". LOL I do cute, but it's usually not on purpose. That's a great color - especially for your zombie hands. :)

jellynat said...

I'm a sheer pink and black/vampy girl. That's the comfortable me. The first time I ever wore a bubble gum hot pink creme was last year (ChG "Rich and Famous"). Wait, do you know how old I am? I could be your grandmother. I felt... out of my comfort zone. That pink... that was not me. That was too girly/joyful/feminine to be me. But... one week after (cause it stayed perfect during 7 days), I started to be used to that new me. Honest? I love that on you. It's not the image I have of the Schmut girl but it's cute and fresh. I'll have to hurry up to get those new ones at my usual H&M store. I've gone to 2 H&M I usually never go lately and none of them did carry cosmetics. Grrr.

(I adore your photos by the way - they always have a real ambiance)

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