Don't be bullied by the Money

As you might have read in comments or on twitter, there's been yet another incident where a company threatens a blogger through their lawfirm. A lot of us would probably take a cease and desist-letter not only as an insult, but as a reason to stop blogging. Why spend your hard-earned money writing about something you like, love and praise when the companies that are getting your money, don't value or respect you as a customer?
There's been a couple of companies doing this but I guess we don't hear about them all because frankly, a blogger can't afford a potential lawsuit and even if the threat isn't legit or will hold up in court, who dares to face the dragon?

Daily Polish just did and I love her for it.
I also adore Lacquerized. I want a superhero-toy that looks just like her. She wrote an excellent post about the matter and added an illustration that I can't help but make into a permanent button on my page. It's going into the layout, that's for sure!

Remember, a blogging community isn't just about linklove and being a GFC-follower, but supporting your fellow bloggers. Do that! Even if they don't say anything you might agree with, support their right to say it without being bullied or silenced by companies.

Others that have written on the matter are
Magic Maid, Of faces and fingers and Addicted to all things pretty.
As well as A polish problem, Lola Blue blog and My Lucid Bubble


nihrida said...

I remember when I posted about the G+L polishes and how similar they are to Diamond Cosmetics ones... And I also remember one blogger (who featured G+L polishes on her blog) to be especially protective towards the G+L company. Hope she isn't being bullied by them as well, 'cause this is just ridiculous.

Megan Harmeyer said...

How ridiculous is this? If you have inferior products, it's going to come out eventually. And for the boggers in the US - what happened to "free speech"? If you don't like a product, you have every right to say so. If you have a product and somebody notices that "hey - that looks a lot like such and such. Why don't you do a comparison?", they why shouldn't you? This is just plain ridiculous! So high school.

kelliegonzo said...

ooh i'm posting the button on my blog too mmkay? yay!

KarenD said...

And now Ginger + Liz are having a sale. No thanks, ladies; I'll pass.

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