The glitter-gutter

Somebody once said Glitter makes the world go 'round, you've got to add a little something extra to make life sparkle. As I am a wee bit ill at the moment and could use a little something, I added nothing but glitter to my eyes. Like the cool kids do.
Too faced eyeliner to my face that rarely is in contact with any glitter at all. I am so much a glitter-virgin that I was shocked when I used Dove's Pro-age daycream, remember?

It's been 3 hours. I still have a nasty stomach-bug, the laundry is still waiting to be done and nothing spectacular has happened to make life sparkle. Well, if you don't count the person that asked me if I had allergies to which I had to reply "Eh, no, I was just trying something new. Glitter you know..."
I guess I could have turned it up a notch, gone Dame Edna on you all, but really? On a Tuesday? I am too uptight for that and hey, it's windy day. Glitter, gone with the wind.

Let's face it, glitter stays away from the face. Nails only.


Jonna said...

Simple but very pretty. x

Megan Harmeyer said...

So pretty!! I hope you feel better SOON - stomach bugs SUCK!

gio said...

That's very pretty, I love it. I hope you feel better soon.

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