Nail-junkies, aren't we all?

I have developed a crush on Sinful colors and I think it may very well be the brand that (finally) puts Orly as number two.
Nice bottles, nice brushes, great formula that might be considered on the thin side (but I'd rather do many layers than not get a single one right) and they have some amazing colors.

I've been eyening Catch me in your net for a while but I have to confess, it's OPI and I really don't like what OPI's been doing to bloggers, nailoholics and sellers/retailers. I know that it's well within their right to protect their brand, but the way they have gone about it has just left me with not just sour taste in my mouth, but also disgust.
I could write a long entry about how I think certain brands (and not just OPI) are pushing authorized stores as a way to keep prices up, but I won't. Instead I will just state that a while back, I decided to only buy my OPI on Ebay/Tradera, ie, I won't support the brand with my money. I know OPI couldn't care less as I am just one girl with bad cuticles and no money, but never the less.....
That meant Catch me in your net is not going to be purchased so when I spotted Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors, I was not only thrilled but ultrapleased as it's so much cooler than the one I was lusting for.
More aqua-green than aqua-blue, sheer and holo-glitter in a jelly base that's flooded with the tiniest silver glitter. Think mermaid, so pretty your eyes hurt. You can't stop staring at the nails/bottle.
I wore 3 layers and it's almost opaque.

Nail Junkie for the win.


Megan Harmeyer said...

So pretty!! Welcome to the dark side (we have cookies)! :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Yummm, cookies! LOL I LOVE Sinful Colors and they have a great selection. They are the best lacquers to franken and I love frankening with them. Also, $1.99 can't be beat for price (well, okay, so WnW often come in at $ .99, but still). It looks beautiful on you!

nihrida said...

WoW, it looks AMAZING on you.

Sarah said...

Zoya - Charla is basically the same but better as Catch Me In Your Net.

susies1955 said...

Such a pretty color. :) LOVING IT.

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