Not even going past 2nd base

It's been a while as the dog ate my homework the lightning ate my internet.
When you're used to doing everything on the net, from checking the temperature to arrivals and possible adventures, life becomes incredibly dull when the internet's elsewhere. At first that is, then you forget everything about anything that needs to be done, checked or answered and just read a book instead.

That or try something new. Like a powder. Would you believe me if I told you I am a powder-virgin? It's true. An old Max Factor powder and me went out a couple of times back in -96 or so but there wasn't any spark. No connection, nothing. We went our separate ways, I stayed with sheer foundations and it went straight into the bin.
Sure, the powder made my face stay matte through whatever ordeal I put it through, but it also made me look like the bearded lady with a fuzzy nose. It amplified every imperfection and made the tiniest pore look like a crater.

So, when I got powder in the giveaway-bag from WetnWild, I didn't really know what to do with it and I still don't. It's the cutest packaging I have seen as far as budget-powder goes, but I can't just have it around as decoration, can I?
It's a compact powder in Natural from their Natural wear-line that's supposedly eco-friendly wih all natural ingredients. It even comes with instructions which I, powder-newbie, first followed and then ignored. Patting powder under the eyes doesn't seem like a brilliant idea as it just makes my so-called fine lines appear to ge geat canyons. Instead I ended up using this powder as I usually do (using sheer or bright eyeshadow), as a way to fix my eyeliner and eyemakeup. A powdery primer like we did in the 80's.

But that's not how you're supposed to make use of your powder, is it?
How do you make yours work for you?


Maggie Makeup Addict said...

A great brush! I just take a tiny dip of my kabuki in the powder and work it into the entire face to set the foundation. I don't really like foundations that need heavy setting with powder... and I only use it in the t-zone and lightly on the cheeks, never on big pore areas or immediate eye area. Or lip area. I agree that it just enhances flaws then!

Skulda said...

I'm the opposite. I'm afriad to use foundations. :( I'm afriad I'm going to have a thick creamy mask on my face and I'm going to get skin-toned stains on my clothes.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I use a big puffy brush to apply my loose powder foundation. I also find that using a finishing spray helps to "set" the powder and it doesn't settle in to my "fine lines". Good luck!

RaeRae said...

A huuuuuuge powder brush and a light hand will stop the overly-powdered fuzzy old lady look :)

schmut said...

a brush is what I am thinking (and using) as well. However, a great brush is something I yet not own.
But why do all brands keep on packaging powder with a dense sponge?

->Skulda: I was thinking along those lines a few years ago and usually blended my foundation using water or a light day cream.
Still to this day, I can't handle a thick foundation and am therefor faithful to my L'oreal True match which feels more like cream than a thick foundation.

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