Not for the fainthearted golddigger

I know that there are some people that consider freebies cheap and sure, if it's free it doesn't cost a thing, so yes, it's better than cheap! I don't think cheap is a bad word, I embrace cheap. I have little to no budget and when a blog I like is hosting a giveaway with things I like, chances are I am participating.

I know that some blogs have recently been ranting on and on about how giveaways are a way for bad/lousy/uninteresting blogs to gain popularity and therefor find themselves on the PR-companies' lists, but I personally think that's trunk full of bollocks.
Who cares what does what and why? If somebody buys products with their own money to host a giveaway, how can that be considered a yell for freebies and attention? Even if it happens to be furnished by a company, who cares? It really irks me that the cool kids are so anti giveaways. Why is that? Should we all pretend we're all high-end creatures that can't stand anything that isn't gold-plated? Is there's some hierarchy where only the cool VIP-people should be on the send-list?

If you haven't gotten it by now, this is a PRO-GIVEAWAY post.

Above you see my latest winnings. I rarely win, but when I do, it feels like Christmas! I get to try things chances are I couldn't afford or wouldn't be able to get my hands on. I like makeup and nailpolish for what it is, color for the face and not must-haves for the hip, so winning some Wet'n'Wild (through Facebook) is just as amazing as winning some Aussie haircare products (through Makeupoholic). The highlight so far though, was winning products from Stem Organics which is a company that I have read a lot about but couldn't afford to try myself. So far, it's the greatest skincare products I have ever come across and that thanks to a giveaway.

And hey, while we're on the subject of giveaways, darling Feline over at Alizarine claws is putting together a giveaway but needs some more followers to meet her goal of 333.
The Hungry Asian has an ongoing giveaway ('til this Wednesday) where you have a chance of getting your hands on some lovely polish by Eyeko as well as Color Club and some frankenpolish made by herself.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm pro-giveaway. If you gain some followers in the meantime, so be it. You can tell who's there for the giveaway and who's there because they genuinely like your blog. You got some great goodies there!!

Skulda said...

I hope you didn't think my post was anti-giveaway, it sure wasn't meant to be like that at all. o.o;

Jasmine said...

since when do we care about what the cool kids say anyway?

I think giveaways agre rgeat, especially international ones" they give us the opportunity to try out brands you cant purchase in your own country, and i think its just sweet of a blogger to do.

schmut said...

Exactly. Plus I have a feeling that the ones only in it for free stuff aren't that many to begin with. If people didn't read certain type of blogs, they'd never know there were giveaways. Do people really take the time to google nailpolish + giveaway + blog? I don't think so? Time is money.

No, it wasn't the one and I think your reasoning isn't anti-giveaways, just anti freeloaders.
Thre's always going to be people that want everything for nothing, but the discussions I was referring to was not about those entering a giveaway but the ones hosting it. That it was a fast and cheap route to fame.....but as far as I know, makeup and polish isn't cheap and neither is postage. A giveaway can be a rather expensive affair.

->Jasmine: I gues I refer to the cool kids because I am not one of them and never have been.
Opportunity to try out brands is a good reason to enter giveaways and I really like like when people put together giveaways that are quite unique. Like some of the aussie ladies only having aussie brands in their giveaways - love it.

Robyn said...

Of COURSE giveaways are to get followers! But so what? It doesn't change the fact that going out and buying prizes and seeing them on someone elses blog when they recieve them is awesome. And I've done the opposite- follow a blog because of a rad giveaway and ended up finding amazing blogs because of it.

Makeup Zombie said...

Wheeee I love this post. I hosted my giveaway as a "thank you for being my friends." Out of the kindness of my heart. Some people just don't get it and need an excuse to complain.

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