Quality-control to Major Tom

What do you get if you put gold (red and silver) glitter in a red nailpolish? You get something that from a far looks like it's copper. I don't like copper. Sounding like a character in a Bret Easton Ellis' book, "It's just, ah baby, not cool. It's just so 90's man."

Del Sol's Heartbreaker look like a copper-polish in a certain light. Quite fugly, but you can't help staring. Jingle bells and Eggnog, Santa's not coming to town - this is a polish that's supposed to make you think of long lost love. You're probably supposed to feel vampy in this polish. I don't. I feel like I'm getting $5 an hour for being Mrs Santa in a local shopping mall. The fact that it takes atleast 4 layers to get decent coverage and that it get's so thick it won't dry certainly doesn't help.
But hey, even Mrs Santa has to leave work and go outdoors, doesn't she? That's when I truly get the Heartbreaker-polish. The copper makes way for a blueish tint and the polish turns bordeaux. You know Mrs Santa's going to go home and make some Santa's little helpers...
Over all, this is an okay nailpolish but it's most definitely overpriced ($10 at their website) as all Del Sol-polishes are. The formula is watery, the color-change isn't that dramatic and it seems like the quality-control department is on permanent leave because I haven't read a single review that is the other alike. I know this product has been around for ages, but it needs some work.

The polish lasted for 3 days which is more than I expected as the first chipping occoured before I had finished painting my nails. That's a big plus. On the downside though is that it stained. My nails are now an odd shade of coral. That means, use a basecoat unless you like the free nailcolor that staining is...


Megan Harmeyer said...

Hmmm. It's *kind of* a pretty color, but not worth $10. Sorry it was a bust.

Sarah said...

I actually like the indoor colour. But I didn't buy this. I bought 6 others. Have tried 5. 4 of them were sheer, one was REALLY sheer and one was opaque in one coat. The REALLY sheer one was the one that changed colour the most. Beige/orange to purple. So that was awesome. 2 others didn't change that much. The formula feels...kinda cheap. I can't explain it. But anyway, I still think they are kinda cool. I alwasy smile when I see them change in the sun.

Claudia said...

Thank you for following my blog!
I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your pictures!

Pretty said...

your blog is sweeeet. i lovee it!

I LOVE the pictures.. and your nails..!
glad i stumbled upon it!

i love great designed blogs.. omg..i'm a nerd. lol

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