We're in the greenhouse now

I'm really not the girl to be self-conscious about things and I am definitely not the girl to let any so-called "flaws" hinder me from doing what I want to looking however I want (my big nose is my homie), but I must admit, these last few days, me and my hands haven't been getting on. Zombiehands may sound cool but when it's caused by strep, it's just morbid. Which brings me to Morbid, the polish by WetnWild.
Decided to fight my newfound self-consciousness and shallowness, and match my zombiehands with a polish called Morbid.
Strep or no strep, it's still a green polish. From a far, it looks blackish green but most of the time, I think it's a dark emerald-green with steel-grey shimmer.I've seen it described as a black creme with teal shimmer numerous times, but I don't see it. I see green. I am not a green girl. Ok, limegreen, pukegreen and neongreen may rock my boat, but a solid green is something I only want to see on my allotment. I want to eat it.

But, there's a big but in here, this is a great polish just like every other WetnWild nailpolish I've tried. Great formula (on the thin side), dries fast and doesn't get streaky. One thick coat or two thin is enough to get it opaque. I've read some complaints about the thick cap making it hard to be precise but I think it was workable.
Those that say budget-polish or anything under $10 is just a waste of money haven't given WetnWild a go. The hype isn't just a hype.

(Artistic blurry photo because I care about my readers and I want you to be able to keep your lunch)


Megan Harmeyer said...

I only have 1 color from the new WnW line and I love it. The formula was great and the color was awesome. It's kinda funny because it's green, too. Jade - a lightish green with gold shimmer. I'm not like those *other* bloggers - I can't afford a polish OVER $10! If it's cheap and it didn't work for you, who cares?! It was cheap!

schmut said...

->Megan: I'm with you - I embrace cheap.

I don't think more money automatically means better product. There are plenty (innovative) budget-brands that are living proof thst it isn't the case.

Skulda said...

I hope you and your skin feel better soon. My hands get so dry in the summer they get a rash. So I'm lugging moisturizer with me everywhere I go to slather all over my thirsty hands. x.x

I always love your photos!

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