Calar me precious

It seems OPI has a thai-sibling. A bastard, not really part of the family. Not even related, but they have the same curves, smirk and appeal, so you just wouldn't know if you didn't have a closer look.

Found this on the swedish part of Ebay, aka Tradera, and had to get them. Haven't seen them mentioned on that many blogs and yet there are a bunch of asian nailart-blogs? I spotted some pages with the old bottles, but not with these.
It's the same font as OPI except this is not Nail Lacquer but Nail Colour. A tiny bit smaller than the OPI bottle and of course, nothing on the bottle-cap. Supposedly the same size, a good 15ml/0.5Fl oz, but weighs less. Has to do with the quality of the glassbottle maybe?
Can't find what shade or number it is unless it's actually the number molded on the bottom of the bottle, which sounds odd and a pricey adventure for a cheap polish. Different labels or print would be a lot cheaper than different bottles for each shade, wouldn't it?
Above you see two of them surrounding OPI's Yes...I can-can!

Yet to try them. Can't wait actually. This is what I love about collection something - the suspense. The eagerness to play with it.


Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm lovin that green!! Is that other color black or a vampy red?

makeupoholic said...

Har faktiskt aldrig sett kopior av nagellack förut, men det är klart att det finns det med!

Du har fått en award hos mig!

Skulda said...

Can't wait to see them in action!

Lily said...

ooo I like that green as well! so pretty :)


schmut said...

->Megan: The green is the most perfect neon I have ever come across. The other is your typical black. I don't own a single black that isn't glitter or shimmer, so I figured it was time.
However, both smell. Worse than smell, they stink. My guess is these aren't 3free.

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