In a hurry 'cause I got a worry

It's been a bit hectic lately. Kid off to daycare, husband off to work and I am going back to school. While I may be the girl that blogs about toxic waste, ie nailpolish, I am attempting getting my bachelor of science in public health. If I fail, you can bet I will blame it all on the fumes. Bad bad polish...
No, not really, but I don't see it as a conflict of interest. Should I?
But, I would want to blame the fumes for this little mishap:

I can't get my Ellis Faas Light-pen to work. It comes with a manual, yet it doesn't do what it's supposed to. I think I need to google it to understand what to do when everything else fails. Does it need surgery?
However, I do appreciate the design and not just because it's fallatic presence. I feel like the doctor on Star trek, hypospray to the rescue! I am glad I did not pay for it but won it in a giveaway because a toy for £25($38) would have been a....bust if it wasn't send to the trekkie that even has Star trek-chess.

The pen, ie hypospray, is on top of Iggy's painting of me having just had my nails painted. Eleven fingers on one hand, looking like a flower. That's me, a petite flower all right!
Please note the blue lipstick and the somewhat hysteric outfit. My kid has me pinned.


Megan Harmeyer said...

Awww...a petite flower. How cute! Bummer when things you need don't work.

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