Know your product!

Why isn't anybody talking about BeYu? From what I understand it's a rather big brand, isn't it?
I must admit that you guys have more of an impact on me than magazines and salesclerks - if Google isn't coming up with some good reviews on a blog, chances are I'm not buying it. I figured that the silence might not be so much about it being a crappy polish, rather that they're not a company that's fully aware of the makeup-bloggers? Can it be as simple as this?
If you don't send out kits for review, nobody really talks about it and no-one adds it to their lemming-list because nobody knows it exists?
Or is it just too pricey? But then again, we see Chanel and Lippmann on a lot of blogs.

This is a polish I went back for. Spotted it in a store and was quite smittened. Asked the salesclerk what finish it had and if they maybe had a display, but her response was so stone-cold ("A finish? Is no such thing. It's opaque, that's what it is") I just put it back and left.
3 days later I went back and had a closer look at the bowl of polish. Yup, that's right, polish that's 70sek for 8ml ($9.70 for 0.27 fl.oz), all thrown in together in a plastic bowl where all the bottles ended up having scratches and specks of polish. Still, I bought it. With all of this going against it, this polish should be the new queen or something, don't you think?!

Maybe I am a snob, (ok, most likely) but when I go to a cosmetics store (which is rare and far between, internet for the win) I want to be able to get some help. Get to know what it is that I don't know. Helpful advice and some positive thinking.
Why else would one buy makeup in real life? It's definitely not cheaper!

Above you see what happens to be an exception to that so-called rule of researching your nailpolish. It's a BeYu polish in a shade called 314, a deep purple creme that ventures into eggplant-land. Looked like a jelly in the bottle, but was not.


Skulda said...

I've never heard of it before!! Is it a Swedish brand?

amusedPolish said...

I've heard of Beju before and it seems to be a sister-company of Artdeco. Artdeco is known for their eyeshadow base and Beju has one too- a bit cheaper and it comes in those squeze-tubes. I've heard those are dupes (the smell, outcome,..)

Maggie said...

Honestly, I get annoyed by the way that you write about other beauty bloggers. That they're "bought" by freebies.
Maybe they (bloggers) don't have the brand, aren't interested or tried and didn't like it? Whatever the reason, who are you to judge them for what they do and don't do?

I liked your blog, but the way that you leverage yourself by racking down on others all the time make me sad and irritated.

I spend my own money on what _I_ want, and I don't think that bloggers get that many free products as you seem to think.

And yes, I've tried BeYu long before I started blogging and I wasn't very impressed then (average performance, overpriced) and never found a reason to buy their stuff again.

LipGloss Bitch said...

BeYu är ett riktigt kackigt märke i mitt tycke. Jag har inte testat mycket från dem men känner aldrig något sug efter det heller, priset är alldeles för högt för något som känns och ser så budget ut.
Jag stötte på märket för bara några år sedan, det finns inte här i Jönköping och jag såg det av en slump på Åhléns i Göteborg - jag blev riktikt förvånad över att det kunde finns något med ett så brett sortiment ändå som lyckats gå mig helt förbi. Visst är det naturligt att man får upp ögonen på ett annat sätt för märken som skickar produkter eller mail för den delen, men jag kikar aktivt efter nytt och gör massor av research för att jag är intresserad, så Beyu är nog ovanligt ointresserade av att synas.

Nailtastic said...

I have one bottle of BeYu polish, but I hate it. The application was fine, but the color is just disgusting. It's a sort of greenish yellow with pearl finish. Yuck! Plus I really don't like the bottle (that's why I'm not the biggest fan of Depend either, hate their bottles!).

schmut said...

->Maggie: "the way that you leverage yourself by racking down on others all the time make me sad and irritated."
Have you read my blog? If you have and that's the impression it left, I guess my english must be poor?!

A lot of bloggers write about the same product at the same time. That is not a coincidence especially not when some state that it was a press-kit.
But did you know that you need to have a disclosure policy and state when a product's been furnished by a brand if your blog is viewable in the States, which basically means all blogs?

I may be a blogger but most of all, I am a blog-reader. Why should I not be allowed to express what I want to see in a blog and what I dislike?

nihrida said...

We used to have BeYu cosmetics in our town, but as I recall, it was to pricey for me back then. Now it's gone and I don't think it's coming back.
But I did get a biggie for eyes and lips. I'll tell you about it on my blog. ;) Thanks for reminding me.

makeupoholic said...

Jag har bara testat BeYu:s lack en gång men det var ruggigt dålig kvalitet; svårmålat och började lossade i stora flagor efter bara en halv dag, så det åkte direkt i papperskorgen. Den upplevelsen fick mig att bli mindre nyfiken på övriga produkter från märket och jag har hittills inte testat något annat, vad jag minns.

Sarah said...

I posted something about it, not too long ago.
My impression is: Pricey, nice colour, didn't last long, looks a bit cheap.

About what Maggie said: I don't get annoyed when Schmut writes like that about other bloggers, because I know I am not one of them. And, since she is not talking about me, I don't get upset. So why get upset?

Sarah said...

And to Skulda: I think it's German.

Lithia Black said...

Jag har inte testat BeYu's lack men deras ögonskuggeprimer är fantastiskt bra :)
Smartare förpackning än UDPP, billigare pris och lätt att få tag på. Vad mer kan man önska :P
Resten av deras sortiment är jag dock inte så impad av, det känns rätt standard.


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