A new addition to the family

While I like to have my nails a color that kicks, I don't really like painting them. Neither am I the girl that goes to the salon. I don't like being so-called pampered. I like to do things myself. Even my hair has been in my hands, literally, since I was 12.

But I guess it's about time I confess what I like the most about nailpolish:
getting them, sorting them, matching colors and looking for siblings.
There's not much things that are better than finding a package on your doorstep. A new bunch of colorful individuals that want to meet the rest of the family. Knowing there are more to come.
I guess that's one thing I really like about bying them online - you never really know what you're going to get. The hunt is what it's all about. The expectation.

See, once I used to sort my records by the color of their sleeve. A nice rainbow that had to be broken down and rearranged when I got new additions which was more often than not. A couple of hundred records, it takes time. My acrylics and water-soluble oilpaint, same thing. Sorted all nicely.
These days, I sort my polish. Not even close to a couple of hundreds, more like one....


makeupoholic said...

Ha ha, träffande, känner verkligen igen mig. Igår kväll sorterade jag om mina ögonskuggor till exempel :-)

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love to sort mine, too, and it's driving me crazy that I haven't gotten my new storage container/cart out of the trunk of my car yet! LOL That's a great color - one of my faves!

Nailtastic said...

I actually really like the painting part, but I agree that the sorting part is the best. I love organising my collection, looking for dupes and I also love reading about other polish lovers opinions of collections and brands.

Millie said...

Definitely agree about getting polishes in the mail. I love that I can still get nice polishes even though I dont have any B&M shops within 100 miles. Polishes here are too expensive to buy anyway. Don't know about the sorting but I really love admiring mine.

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