Oh, that Liberace cat!

What sparkles like Liberace, is cute like a kitten and cheaper than your average latte?
That's right, the new Hello Kitty nailpolish from HM which are both glitter. It's still a lot of polish for next to nothing, 16ml for 29.50SEK (0.5Fl oz for $3.95)
What are they called? Purple glitter and Silver glitter. Pretty unimaginative as is the polish itself. Guess the people over at HM are getting pretty tired of this feline with no mouth?!

Bought them earlier today and just before bedtime, Iggy wanted to take her new companions for a test-drive. The purple is cute and nice for layering but I had a hard time getting an even flow of glitter. The more common one, the silver glitter, was a lot easier. Why I have no clue. Glitter as glitter, right?

The photo above is not that color-accurate as it's taken after dark in fluorescent light (Shitty photo of a dull polish - sorry, I just couldn't be bothered. )
The purple polish is just a warm shade of purple. What looks black in the picture and on the bottle itself, is just the glitter distributed un-evenly. The blue is just highlights from my light. Too bad. This polish looks better in my photo than it does sitting on my desk.
If Iggy falls out of love with Hello Kitty, which I guess won't be happening soon, these are going franken.

PS: The bad photo-quality irks me a lot more than the bad polish-quality. Does this mean my polish-aholic days are over? That I am returning to what could be considered normal?


Tara said...

Love HK!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I always love your pictures! "Normal" is subjective. LOL

Cel said...

It's a shame that the polishes are so lame because they look fab in your photo.

nihrida said...

I think that when you mature in this nail polish junkie state of mind, you aren't amused by every single shade that comes out. You become wiser and demand more... more originality. =) Nothing wrong with that.

Lily said...

awww they look so cute lol that's too bad :(


jellynat said...

The purple on your pic reminds me of a matchbox car I had when I was a kid. Too bad it's not like that in reality!

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