Not much bums me out more than a polish with great potential turning out to be crap. This time it was the brand rarely mentioned on blogs, BeYu, that was a let-down.
Great color, thick as a brick-formula.  Never dried, looked like glue.

Trying to not put a damper on my eggplant-lusting mood, I decided to put on a layer of Opi's Yes...I can-can! which is a similar color but with greyish shimmer. While I have had some minor issues in the past with this polish, it's a strange feeling when you use a good nailpolish after a bad - you can't help but wonder what all these crappy formulas are doing on the market! If it is an uninspiring brand with so-and-so formulas, why are people still buying it? Or is it really something wrong with the formulas or has it to do with who uses it when and where?

I still think it has something to do with chemistry - what you use and wear in your daily life, everything from handsoap to medication to fabric softener, it all adds up. Why shouldn't it? We're all toxic avengers, the sum of what we have done and where we have lived.
What some praise, others consider useless. I got bashed recently for commenting that in my opinion  not all basecoats works with all nailpolish, but I do think there's more to polish than just apply and dry. I for certain know that my Orly Bonder does not work well with Depend's polish - they never dry. If that's because my Orly Bonder is the odd one out, made on a Monday, I don't know but it's a fact.

That is why a review is just that - one person's opinion on something.
Having said that, take my posts with a grain of salt - it's my nails in my world.
This means there will be no more BeYu for me.


jellynat said...

You got bashed for that? You shouldn't have been. I agree with you when you say that not all base coats work with all NP. NP is suppose to be futile and the more I dig into it, the more I have the feeling to be a mad scientist. Or a victim of unexplanable occurence. Why at the moment do my polish bubbles like diet coke when it has never before in my life? And there is the personal body chemisthing to add above this. It's hard to make absolute statements because what works on you doesn't work on me. Just like a great looking jacket will look perfect on you but make me look fat. At the end of the day, our blogs only talk to ourselves and we're only giving advices to ourselves, relating our experience to people who will have experienced something else but still read what we say... Maybe is that an utopy to hope talking to everyone like I do, we're trapped into public monologues. Even colors are matter of taste. So why do we do that?

schmut said...

->Jellynat: I don't know if we write so much for ourselves as we write as a way to connect with others over an interst? Find that long lost twin that shares interests and get what you mean when you write gibberish? That gets something out of it? I have come across a bunch of fine ladies whose focus on nailpolish (in particular) has made me more appreciate my own interest.

I learn a lot by reading blogs. I also end up questioning a lot of my own statements and posts after having read blogs. While a lot of people consider makeup/nailpolish-blogs to be all surface and no depth, I think the geekery is what's most apparent: We like to know how, why and when. What the salesclerks can't tell us, we look for on other blogs or just investigate on our own.

I just don't see it so much as monologues as dialogoes. Especially on blogs where the comment-field is used for what it's about : communication.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I think the "results" of one polish over another has a lot to do with the formula but also has a lot to do with the person (their way of application, their body chemistry, etc). I read various blogs to get a general idea of how a product will or won't work for me. There's been a couple times when I see a polish color and realize that looks a lot better or a lot worse than the exact same one as I have. It's all a matter of perspective.

On a side note, when you mentioned sales clerks in your comment, it made me think about one specific instance when I was at a specialty beauty shop looking for one thing in particular: duochrome polish. I asked the clerk if they had any and she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. What's up with that?! If you work in the biz, you better know the biz. Sorry about the tangent. LOL

Sarah said...

Megan: I asked one sales clerk if they had matte top coat, but she didn't know that existed at all. They do have matte top coat there now though (maybe I sparked something...?). I say what you said: If you work in the biz, you better know the biz.

About BeYu: I love the bottles. They are so cute. I might just give the brand another try, just because their bottles are so cute. The formula on the one I tried was not thick.

April said...

I agree with you. Seche are Poshe are nightmarish for me. Stringy goopy messes that cause massive shrinkage. Does this mean I think all of the people who swear by them are liars or getting paid to sing their praises? Absolutely not!

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