Sometimes it just Depends

 While I may seem to bashing some brands, it's not all pitch black. Not even grey. Well, a rainy cloud kind of gray. See, I have forgotten to mention my all time favorite nailpolish. It was standing in the back, waiting for me to forget all about brights, glitters and neons.
Guess what? It's a Depend polish. Guess what polish is on number 2 of my all time favorite polish? Another Depend. That might be one of the reasons these last few Depend-polishes have been a let down - the formula and opacity on nr 1 and nr 2 were great.
With no further ado, I present to you the five main reasons why I just can't break up with Depend.
The two first I guess most of you recognize as rather recent Depend. It's 054 and 196. While the latter has a formula that leaves a lot to be desired, I am smittened by the color.

In the middle, you find a good khaki-green. MASH, Suicide is painless and all that. It might be so last year (literally), but number 172 is a color most nailpolish brands seem to forget all about. This is my number 2. Forever cherished and forever making me wish Depend made bigger bottles. 5 ml is 2 manicures and then a dried up polish.

Then there was number 169. King and Queen of all polish, all in one tiny bottle. It's the color of a rainy Sunday. Heavy rain and a storm coming. I love it. A dark blueish gray that is like no other. I need to find a dupe for this as it's sold out and discontinued.

Last of the five stars is a glitter. The first glitter to reignite my love for nailpolish that wasn't all grunge. Fine glitter, looks like mercury. Silver with a lilac hint, it's number 119.


you nailed it! said...

aah I've been wanting to have depend polish for ages but I can't get it!

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